Ways To Add a Personal Touch to Your Dorm Room

Ways To Add a Personal Touch to Your Dorm Room

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  • College move-in day is an essential milestone on the journey to graduation.

    This is your first step into adulthood, which can be exciting and freeing but can also be a little nerve-racking.

    To ease into your new life, you should create a home away from home by adding personal flair to your dorm room. Transform your drab, outdated dorm into your home for the following two semesters by using our tips for adding personal touches to your dorm room.

    Add Creative Wall Art

    The first thing you’ll see when you enter your dorm is the plain beige walls. To liven up your room, you should add artwork showing your taste.

    Adding wall décor will help create a cozy atmosphere and hide those bare walls. You can hang up tapestries, posters, string lights, or posters with dorm-friendly adhesive or thumb tacks.

    Decorate With Your Personal Taste

    Even if you share a dorm room with a roommate six feet away, your side of the dorm is your personal space. This is the perfect time to decorate to your personal taste. If you like a minimalistic approach, create a minimalistic space, or if you like an eclectic space, decorate your dorm room with colorful décor.

    While in college, you will learn things about yourself with time; jumpstart that process by decorating with stuff you like.

    If you’re having trouble imagining your dorm room, you can gather inspiration for your wall décor through visual mood boards and tutorials on Pinterest or YouTube. That way, you can see how other college students spruced up their rooms.

    Display Memorable Items From Home

    If you move away from your hometown or home state, there’s a chance you may feel homesick. To help you when you’re missing home, you should display pictures, souvenirs, trophies, or memorabilia that reminds you of home.

    Before heading to college, you can make customized décor and artwork using heat transfer vinyl with your friends and family to help remind you of the good times.

    Don’t Forget To Add Storage

    You want to maximize your living space when you’re in a dorm. You can add space to your room by purchasing decorative boxes, multi-purpose furniture, and shelving. It would be best if you also remembered to downsize the items you bring with you to your dorm to help keep your room spacious.

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    If your dorm allows it, you can also modify the beds to a new setting to create more space under your bed. Some students make a loft out of their beds by placing their desks underneath, giving them more “hang out” space.

    Moving out and into a dorm is such an exciting experience! When shopping for your dorm decorations, you want to purchase things that are practical but also bring a personal touch to your dorm room.

    Add a cute rug, additional lighting, plants, and personal items to make your home away from home.

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