Ways to Improve a Student’s Writing While in the Academe

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  • Writing is part of student learning.

    For the number of learners who are gifted with a talent for writing, it’s an easy task.

    However, others are not as lucky. Still, there are many ways for you to improve your skills. Read on to find out.


    Assess Your Writing Knowledge

    To be able to know what to improve in your writing, you have to identify just how much you skill you have first. You can do a simple activity of writing about anything you find interesting. Ask a teacher or a professional editor to evaluate your piece and point out your weaknesses and strengths. Are you having difficulty in grammar, punctuation, writing strategies or sentence construction? Answering these questions will help you address your problems in writing.

    Look for a Good Model

    Students learn better when they have a model they can follow. The same is true in writing; you have to find your inspiration. Research for samples that display a good introduction, body, and conclusion. You can check them at advancedwriters. Study the piece of your choice and identify the good points in the article.

    You can also try reading newspaper clips and test yourself if you can find writing errors in it. Are they of the same quality with the samples you’ve read? Do you think each sentence is flawless?

    You can learn a lot from imitating quality write-ups and evaluating other people’s work. After all, the best way to learn is to observe an action rather than listening about how to do it.

    Participate in Peer Evaluation

    To facilitate learning, you must learn to accept corrections and revisions. Peer editing is useful since when it comes to writing on your own, you can easily become too attached to your article and you tend to overlook errors.

    Here are some considerations for objective writing evaluation:

    1.    Content and Organization
    2.    Use of proper transition words or phrases
    3.    Voice and Word Choices
    4.    Sentence Fluency
    5.    Proofread for spelling and grammar

    Peer editing is an opportunity to help a fellow student or friend improve in writing, too. It’s beneficial to both persons.

    Engage in Revision Exercises

    Upon getting back your paper, you must work on revising your write-ups according to the comments given to you. You have to follow all remarks. If you doubt them, you can always ask your professor or mentor to give you clarification.

    Practice Writing a Lot

    Train yourself to practice a variety of writing styles. When you’re not doing essays for school, you can write a journal, a short story, a poem, etc. The more experienced you become in writing, the more confident you will be.


    Some students may not be innately good in writing, but with the guidance of teachers and with enough dedication, they can improve. Only when you have honed your skill in writing can you say that you are fully equipped to face the challenges of life outside the academe.

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