Will Wearing Current Trends Change Our Personal Style?

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  • Fashion is a strange blend of widely popular, and extremely personal.

    It’s constantly changing and shifting, bringing new things to the table, new trends to try, new rules to obey.

    And yet, fashion doesn’t work unless you break the rules and stay true to yourself despite the barrage of fads, microseasons, and magazines shouting at you about what you’re supposed to wear.

    So, is there a balance between the two? Is being trendy mutually exclusive with having a developed personal style? Well, let’s find out.

    What is your style?

    wearing current trends

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    It’s a question to ponder as you sip your morning coffee. Style isn’t about trends, and it’s not about copying celebrities or Instagram stars. It’s something that you build that reflects your personality and your lifestyle, that shows the world the best version of you. It’s something that makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful. If you want to even begin to build it, you must first find something that inspires you and makes you feel like you’re dressing up to simply be the best version of you that you can possibly be.

    Will trends change you?

    Having said that, trends are not a detriment to personal style. Following them doesn’t mean you’ve sold your soul, and it doesn’t mean you are losing yourself. They’re there to keep things interesting, to inspire you to be creative, and to change things up so you wouldn’t fall into a rut.

    You can use trends to revolutionize your own style and make it grow into something that is recognizably yours over the years. The only real trick is to never follow them blindly and simply copy what you see on the runway, but to put your own personal spin on everything.

    Choosing things for your body shape

    But how can you personalize a trend? One of the first things to think about is your own body shape. For example, not every woman looks good in skinny jeans, and you don’t actually need to squeeze yourself into the slimmest pair of pants you can find because a six feet tall, underweight model claims it’s a good idea.

    Today there’s such a wide variety of beautiful women’s jeans for any body shape that you can easily try on dozens of pairs until you find something that fits you like a glove.


    wearing current trends

    Creative Commons Image by unsplash


    That’s the general rule you should always follow: wear things that fit you well. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale, and don’t buy it if it doesn’t wow you when you see yourself wearing it. Jeans are just the first staple that you need to find, but the same rule applies to the rest of your garments. Your body is great, and you should dress to enhance it, not hide it.

    Color schemes

    What is your favorite color to wear? Do you like neutrals like black and navy? Perhaps you find that boring and long for bright red or yellow? Maybe you’re into gem tones, or autumnal burgundy, ochre, and chocolate brown. While you can pick color schemes based on the season, you should also keep your skin tone, and your eye and hair color in mind. Experiment a little and see what kind of shades make you happy when you wear them.

    Signature pieces

    Fashion mavens know the importance of having a style signature. This can be anything from a specific lipstick color, to a pair of earrings, or even just the color you prefer for your clothing. Perhaps you’re the gal who always wears something blue, or maybe you have a pendant necklace that you never take off because it holds some deeper meaning for you. This kind of signature should always be a representation of some aspect of your personality that you want people to see.


    wearing current trends

    Creative Commons Image by unsplash


    Confidence remains the key to success

    As with anything, confidence is the thing that will make your styling choices really work. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit is if it doesn’t make you feel good in your own skin. You need to own your choices, to really enjoy what you’re wearing. This will make you look powerful and self-assured, and there’s no better way to be fashionable than that.

    So the short answer is no, wearing trends won’t compromise your personal style. As long as you take a trend and make it your own, as long as you use it to enhance what’s already there, it will only benefit you.

    Image Credit: Pixabay

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