What You Need to Know About Freelancing

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  • Did you know that over 53 million of American are freelancing today?

    Web design, search engine optimization, coding, customer service, project management, digital marketing, app development, blog management and email marketing are the most in-demand freelancers skills.

    It is estimated that in 2020, nearly forty percent of the workforce in America will be represented by freelancers.

    Freelancing is becoming very popular among both employers and employees. College graduates and current students are not longer looking for the typical nine to five jobs. Freelancers work as much as they want; the have the freedom to accept only projects they like and work on them whenever they have time.

    This infographic about 29 Facts Every Freelancer Needs To Know About, presented by Digperformance, gives us valuable stats about the freelance industry.

    How are the freelancers changing our economy? What skills will get you hired… or can easily outsource? How are freelancers like?

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