Where an Education in Marketing Can Take You

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  • When looking for an exciting educational path, pursuing a degree in marketing could be a great option.

    Those that have a marketing degree will often be sought after by employers in a variety of fields and industries.

    In the digital age, there are also many opportunities for working in this field as well.

    There are several career paths in particular that those with marketing degrees often end up pursuing. Take a look below to see where this path can take you.

    Marketing of Product Manager

    One of the most common career paths for those with marketing degrees is to pursue a job as a marketing or product manager. A marketing or product manager will be responsible for marketing campaigns for individual companies or even individual products. These individuals are often hired by larger marketing firms that provide services for smaller businesses.

    Marketing and product managers are also frequently hired by larger organizations, which prefer to run an in-house marketing team. There is often a lot of room for growth in this field as people pursue management positions and more responsibility.

    Sales Representative

    Those who pursue a degree in marketing may also consider a path in sales. Part of marketing is finding a way to market and sell a product to consumers. Because of this, going into a direct sales position can be a natural step. Those that are good at sales will find that they have a lot of different career options and income potential.

    Sales professionals and representatives are hired in a wide range of industries including medical sales, real estate, technology, and consumer goods. Those that succeed in sales will normally receive plenty of career opportunities to move higher within their own organizations.

    Human Resources

    While it is not a direct marketing job, many people with marketing degrees also enter the field of human resources. Part of human resources is marketing the company to employees and potential job hunters. A marketing professional will have the basic understanding of how to market the company to attract top talent. They may also work with local recruiters and other professionals to find ways that the company could make it a more favorable place to work, while also being cost effective.

    Public Relations

    One of the most important roles many larger organizations hire or pay for is public relations. Public relations is the process of improving a company’s reputation with the general public. This is a natural fit for anyone that has a degree or background in marketing.

    Those that get a job working in PR will often develop campaigns to help promote and improve a company’s image with the general public. PR professionals are often hired by larger firms directly, but are also often hired by larger PR firms that provide services on a third-party basis.

    Business Analyst

    For those that enjoy the analytical side of marketing, pursuing a job as a business analyst could be a great option. Part of the marketing process is finding out how much each campaign will cost and what the potential financial benefits of the campaign will be. A business analyst will work closely with the accounting group and financial analysts to come up with predictive models.

    This analysis will then likely be used by the organization to determine the next steps in a marketing campaign and you will probably need a good background in computer science and access to large amounts of data (business.frontier.com). Analysis will also be used to determine how prior marketing campaigns have worked and how they should be amended going forward.

    When looking for an exciting educational path that provides plenty of long-term career potential, a great option would be to get a degree in marketing. Those with marketing degrees will have an unlimited amount of short and long-term career options. These are just a few jobs and career paths in particular that people with marketing degrees often consider.

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      PR professionals are often hired by larger firms directly, but are also often hired by larger PR firms that provide services on a third-party basis. 300 075 pdf

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