Your Child’s Graduation – Now What?

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  • Graduation is a huge day in the life of your child because it means they have completed 13 years of education successfully.

    After years of study, revision, exams and university fees, your son or daughter is finally coming home with a degree.

    As a parent, you should be equally as happy, and as your child, you will consider this one of the greatest moments of your life. However, throwing a graduation party may put unnecessary stress on the occasion. Here are some tips on how to concoct the best graduation party.

    Your Child Is a Child No Longer

    You no longer have any excuses to treating your child like a child anymore. It’s about time you finally see them for the adult they truly are. Therefore, that means personal space, understanding their new adult lifestyles and trusting their decisions. Of course, you can still offer your own input on matters, but it’s no longer wise to throw their judgments out the window. You have no argument to, not anymore.

    Planning and Hosting the Perfect Graduation Party

    The way in which most parents have traditionally celebrated their child’s graduation, is to host a graduation party that recognizes their hard work. It is also meant as a send-off event before they leave for their first job, etc. Whether you choose to host that party on graduation night, graduation week or at some point in the summer, the date isn’t as important as the planning and hosting. No kid should ever go off to college without that well-earned farewell.

    Keeping the Costs Manageable

    So, now your child is going off into the real world, which is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. How can you host the perfect party, but keep it within the realm of affordable? One suggestion which many parents offer is to host your party at home.

    Venues can cost a pretty penny, and most parents are unprepared for the extra expenses. They have worked and saved their entire lives to send their kids off to university, and there may be little money left over. So, why not host yours at home? A swimming pool or patio party may be just the thing. Print invitations from home and customize them with graduation invitation templates online. It’s one cost you can eliminate immediately.

    Gifts that Make Sense

    If money is an issue, what you can always do is join a gift registry so that family and friends know what your child would like, or may need, when moving house, starting their new job, etc. This is a great way to offset the cost you will incur with things such as linens, white goods, and other items your child will need when away from all those ‘luxuries’ he or she has always taken for granted. If a family member or friend cannot afford any big ticket items, a voucher for a local restaurant will always be well-received.

    Yes, the numbers are up, and the nationwide average of kids making it all the way through high school to graduation is now just under 84%, but your child did. It’s a massive achievement, so celebrate it. You’ll regret it if you don’t, and why would you want to disappoint your child? However, this day is just as special to you as it is to them. You raised them, helped them study; maybe you paid their university fees. Their achievements are as much as your own, but make sure they’re still the priority in this is special day. You wouldn’t want to steal the limelight from them, would you?

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