10 Guidelines for Getting Along With Your Roommate

getting along with your roommate

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  • Once you’ve decided if you will live in a dorm or UW off campus housing option, you will need to learn how to make the transition to living with someone else that you probably don’t know.

    Since you are likely going to be assigned a roommate, you can do a few things that will increase your chances of getting along and having an enjoyable experience.

    1. Talk Beforehand

    Whether you are in a dorm or off campus housing, you want to make sure you speak to each other before move-in day. Aside from helping you start the bonding process, you can establish who is bringing what so you don’t show up with two of everything in a tight space.

    2. Do Stuff Together

    Whether you decorate the room, do activities, or grab a meal together, you need to spend some time together. This can help you learn more about each other and become friends.

    3. Keep It Clean

    It doesn’t matter if you’re crazy busy. Put your stuff away, clean up, and never leave food substances out in your shared space.

    4. Respect Your Roommate’s Belongings

    Always ask before borrowing their clothes, eating their snacks, or otherwise using their belongings. Thinking about how you would feel if they helped themselves to your items can prevent any housing barriers you might otherwise encounter.

    5. Develop Your Cleaning Schedule

    Perhaps you like vacuuming while they like doing the dishes, so you decide to create a task-based schedule, or you could both hate them and choose to take turns. Either way, you need to develop a schedule with who does what to alleviate any tension in this area.

    6. Be Considerate About Guests

    You should always ensure you understand your roommate’s schedule when inviting friends and ask if it is okay first. This is especially true during busy study periods or late at night.

    7. Communicate

    The biggest issues between roommates occur because of a lack of communication and pent-up anger. If something bothers you, communicate, address the problem, and find a solution.

    8. Lock Your Door and Windows

    Locking the doors and windows will lower your chances of a break-in and ensure any thefts are not your fault. Plus, it also shows respect for your roommate and their belongings.

    9. Try New Things Together

    If you two hit it off, you can make a lasting friendship. However, be ready to step outside of your comfort zone, try new hobbies, and meet your roommate’s friends, or else you will never click.

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    10. Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated

    Treat your roommate like you want them to treat you. By following the golden rule, you can do your part to try to have a positive experience.

    One key to an amazing experience at college is getting along with your roommate. However, many people are not afforded the luxury of knowing their roommate ahead of time. This means they need to know how to cohabitate. Fortunately, this is fairly easy. It only involves following a few simple guidelines. These can help you have a wonderful college experience and make lasting friends.

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