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8 Important Questions To Ask A Potential Roommate

potential roommate

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  • When you couple the expense of an apartment with the financial uncertainties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, it’s understandable that more people are looking to take on a roommate.

    It’s important to take your time and learn about your potential roommate before signing a lease with them.

    You should not assume that just because you are friends with someone that you will be able to live together. With that in mind, here are eight questions you should ask a potential roommate.

    1. What Are Your Cleaning Habits?

    What you think is clean and what a potential roommate views as clean can be drastically different. Cleaning is the number one source of stress between roommates.

    Many roommates talk about cleaning. But they do so in generalities. Both say they like to keep things clean, but they don’t discuss things like how frequently the dishes should be washed, who will do what chores, or what aspects of cleaning they do not think are important. It’s good to create a cleaning schedule in advance and stick to it.

    2. Do You Smoke?

    This could be smoking cigarettes, smoking cigars, or smoking pot. For some people, this is a deal-breaker. For some rental spaces, it is also a deal-breaker. There are several spaces in metropolitan areas that have created a smoke-free policy.

    If the potential roommate smokes, ask them how much they smoke. Is it occasionally? Are they okay with not smoking indoors? If you are a smoker, be upfront about it. This includes vaping.

    3. Do You Get along with Your Old Roommates?

    Pay close attention to the answer you get from this question. If your potential roommate could not maintain friendships with roommates from the past, including their college days or right when they moved out of their parent’s home, this is a warning sign. If all they offer is one sob story after another about how they were mistreated by ex-roommates, then it’s likely that they are the problem.

    4. What Are Your Sleeping Habits?

    This might seem like a weird topic to discuss. However, it’s likely that the individual you have in mind as a roommate has the same question about you. Ideally, you want a situation where you both wind down and go to sleep around the same time.

    It might be better if you have opposite sleep schedules. A roommate who sleeps during the day will allow the other one to be active. The roommate who sleeps at night will allow the other to be a night owl. Do you sleep with the television on? Talk about this.

    5. How Do You Feel about Having Friends Over?

    Nothing can be as frustrating as being a social person but feeling uncomfortable about having people over to your home because your roommate does not share the same idea on socializing. Some people love to have big parties, and others like to keep everything quiet. Having different views on this topic does not need to be a game changer, but it will require compromise.

    6. What Are Your Weekday and Weekend Schedules?

    Do you have a 9-to-5 job? Do you work from home? Do you like to party during the week? These are topics that should be discussed in advance.

    The same is true with the weekend. Maybe family lives nearby that’s going to constantly visit over the weekend. They may have a significant other who will visit over the weekend. It’s good to determine how compatible your weekday and weekend schedules are.

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    7. Do You Have Pets?

    This question is good if you want to have pets, if you have pets, if you’re thinking about getting pets, or if pets are a no go. Talk about the types of pets you would allow in the home and how you want the animals to be cared for. Also, if there’s a pet deposit, discuss who would cover this expense.

    8. What Are Your Long-Term Plans?

    Looking for a new roommate every six months can be frustrating. And if the rent is more than you can pay on your own, going months between roommates can put a financial strain on you. It’s good to know how long you can count on a potential roommate to be there.

    New roommates do not come with guarantees. However, if you are serious about finding a new roommate and if you are not afraid to ask the right questions, you will increase your chance of success.

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