Staying Safe On the Road: 5 Safe Driving Tips for College Students

safe driving tips for college students

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  • If you’re lucky enough to pass your driving test and have your own vehicle at college then things will certainly be much easier for you!

    You’ll get additional independence and freedom all thanks to your car.

    However, before you set off around campus and start giving your friends rides everywhere, you need to up your road safety game and make sure you’re not putting yourself or other road users at risk.

    If you’ve been in a car accident that could have been avoided, don’t wait. Speak with a local car accident lawyer in Pittsburgh as soon as possible.

    Check out these 5 safety driving tips for college students!

    • Be aware of distracted driving

      Distracted driving means using your phone behind the wheel, making calls, sending DMs or adjusting your playlist. But what you might not realize is that other forms of distracted driving can be just as devastating.

      Eating and drinking behind the wheel, turning in your seat to talk to your passengers, applying makeup, searching for something in your bag and adjusting the controls of your vehicle are other ways you can distract yourself behind the wheel.

      Get into the habit of only focusing on the road ahead, anything else should wait!

    • Remember to take your time

      Just because you’ve passed your test, it doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly overflowing with confidence behind the wheel and you have to go everywhere at speed. Instead, you need to take your time.

      Don’t be pressured by other drivers to break the speed limit, or let your fears of being late to class or work cloud your judgment. When we feel pressured and rushed, we tend to make more mistakes and when you’re driving those mistakes could be devastating.

    • Be mindful of the weather

      You may not have a lot of experience driving in adverse weather conditions, so it’s important to do plenty of research and check the weather before you travel. If you do find yourself caught up in a storm try to remain calm. Reduce your speed and drive to the conditions around you. Pull over if necessary.

    • Don’t drink and drive

      It goes without saying, yet every year thousands of drivers are convicted of being drunk behind the wheel. It’s incredibly selfish yet it still happens.

      Being a college student means lots of parties and gatherings that involve alcohol, so if you’re planning to drink leave your car at home. It’s not easy to keep track of how much you’ve drunk throughout the night and it’s much safer to get a cab instead!

    other valuable tips:
    • Don’t be overconfident

      Did you know that the majority of car accidents occur within a 5-mile radius of home? It’s because we’re overconfident on the roads we’re most familiar with.

      When you’re behind the wheel you should always be extra vigilant, whether you’re on an unfamiliar freeway or you’re pulling up outside your house.

    Final thoughts…

    Following the rules of the road, staying sober, taking your time and adhering to road signs and keeping at a safe distance from other motorists should help to keep you safe on the road. Keep this in mind as you enjoy your freedom and independence behind the wheel.

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