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tips for teen drivers

5 Essential Tips for Teen Drivers

Getting your license as a teenager is so exciting. It’s a true mark of independence, and it gives you a newfound sense of freedom. However, as exciting as this event is, it’s important to stay as safe as possible on the roads. These five essential tips for teen drivers will keep everyone safe and accident-free. […]

college auto loans

Tips for Affording Auto Loans in College

Having a car when you’re in college can be very handy. After all, part of the fun of attending college is having the chance to explore the area around your college campus. Or, if you’re a commuting student, having a car is almost an essential. Affording that car, on the other hand, can be a […]

What College Commuters Should Know about Travel

One of the first decisions you will have to make after joining college is whether you will commute or live on-campus. Regardless of the choice to which you are inclined, it is important you make an informed decision. If you choose to be a commuter, familiarize yourself with the experience. You can also find ways […]

Living Off-Campus: How to Make Your Commute Productive

Commuting gives students more housing options than on-campus living and it can be cost-effective depending on the place. Staying with parents means extra savings when it comes to tuition, and usually apartments a bit further from town cost less. Living off-campus can also mean long, tiring commutes and little time spent on campus. These long […]

College Cars: 5 Ideas for Auto Repairs on a Budget

When you’re in college, one of the things that doesn’t come by easily is money. Even if you have a job while in college, you likely have to use the money for food and supplies that are needed for the dorm or even rent and utilities if you live in an apartment or a house […]

School’s Back! Preparing Your Student Driver for Safety

When summer ends, millions of American households say goodbye to casual schedules and lazy mornings with the bittersweet arrival of a brand new school year. While some parents return to their daily chaperoning duties, to and from school, some new teen drivers are given the opportunity to drive themselves to and from school, work, and […]