25 Legitimately Useful Sites for College Students

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  • The lifestyles of college students are entirely dependent on the internet. The internet has emerged from websites and apps that are helpful and informative for all different fields. Since college students are students with needs, they use online website in order to suffice these needs.

    So what exactly are the websites that these college students use?

    Let’s take a look at 25 of those:

    Guidance sites

    1. Study hacks:
      This is a regularly updated blog, giving students easy academic hacks.
    2. Backpack:
      This is an app that acts like a bag. It allows students to store in their notes, schedules, and lists and help keep track of their progress.
    3. Rate my professors:
      Before enrolling in a class, students should consult this website to check the best rated professor online.
    4. Student loan calculator:
      This application helps students keep a check of their overdue balances.
    5. Text swap:
      This is a resourceful website that allows students to exchange their coursebooks.

    Research sites

    1. American fact finder:
      This website gives the most authentic and accurate facts aboutAmerican politics, economics, history, geography and etc.
    2. Encyclopedia:
      This is a reliable resource to get facts and information from.
    3. RefDesk:
      This websites hosts a gigantic amount of global facts.
    4. ChaCha:
      This website has human guides who provide the best answer to your queries.
    5. Internet Public library:
      This website hosts free educational resources such as newspapers, dictionaries and etc.

    Reading sites

    1. Spark notes:
      This website hosts summarized versions of books and essays.
    2. TED:
      Ted houses audio books that users can read and listen to.
    3. Bartleby:
      This website provides a free access to literary and academic books.
    4. Wikipedia:
      This is an encyclopedia project and attempts to give its users the best available information.
    5. Questia:
      This website is a home to niche, classic books available for free.
    6. Gutenberg:
      Provides some of the most demanded text books online. About 50,000 online textbooks are available.

    Connectivity sites

    1. NoteMesh:
      This is website that allows students to share and exchange notes through code basis.
    2. Facebook:
      This free website allows students to stay connected.
    3. SpeakLike:
      This website allows students from all around the globe to interact nu translating their language.
    4. Campusbug:
      This is a free website but allows interaction only on the basis of academics.

    Shopping sites

    1. Amazon: 
      Students can easily place online orders in the most affordable prices.
    2. EBay:
      This is an easy to buy and sell website, where students can sell and purchase their books, clothing and etc.
    3. TheBookPond: 
      This is another feasible website for students to buy and sell their course books.
    4. Freecycle: 
      This is another website that allows students to buy and sell their used products such as cloths, furniture and etc.
    5. Gumtree: 
      A UK based website, this allows easy exchange for students and also provides them with job and internship opportunities.

    With these best sites, students can now go on with their daily lives far more easily!

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