3 Jobs in The Medical Field You Didn’t Know Existed

jobs in the medical field

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  • Everyone knows about doctors and nurses, but there are so many more careers within the medical profession that are fairly unknown but are nevertheless exciting and rewarding professions to research and consider pursuing.

    Have a read of this article to find out about three jobs in the medical field that you probably didn’t know existed!

    Medical Scribe

    You probably haven’t heard of this somewhat obscure career before but if you are wondering exactly what is a medical scribe, then read on further. A medical scribe is someone who writes down the verbal interactions between patient and doctor during medical examinations.

    A medical scribe is essentially an assistant to the doctor and they also perform documentation gathering – a medical scribe’s job is essentially to partner with and assist the doctor to perform the optimum level of health care.

    A medical scribe might assist with the flow of patients through the emergency room or write up encounters between doctor and patient on a medical chart – every day is different and it is a varied and exciting job.

    Medical Filmmakers and Illustrators

    Medical filmmakers and illustrators are highly necessary within the medical profession – these highly skilled individuals create footage, diagrams, leaflets and infomercials that explain medical procedures.

    These can then be used to teach important information to medical students, as well as explain procedures to patients that want to know about their treatment in more detail.

    Salary for this job ranges from around $62,000 to $100,000 with supervisors able to early up to $175,000. Graphic designers that can create work for leaflets, posters and websites are also highly sought after so think about pursuing this career if you have a background in art and an interest in working within the medical field.


    A pedorthist has the unique job of creating custom made shoes for any patients that need their shoes altering due to a medical condition. Patients could need their shoes altered as a result of a serious accident or simply just because of conditions like bunions, flat feet or arthritis.

    This profession requires the professional to have a background in both foot anatomy and custom and handmade shoe construction. This means that the professional must have some medical training alongside working to get to grips with exactly how a shoe is made and how it can be altered successfully.

    The salary for a pedorthist averages at about $39,000 a year.

    other valuable tips:

    Each of these fields requires specific training but all pay well and are interesting and rewarding career choices. Some of the other off-beat professions within the medical field to think about pursuing would be a sexologist, a dance or art therapist, or even a stand-in patient!

    Many of these professions don’t give you the stability that traditional hospital roles do, as many are freelance and you’ll do a lot of traveling between hospitals, but with that comes increased flexibility and a great amount of freedom that a traditional hospital role wouldn’t be able to offer!

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