3 Ways To Get Over Your Useless College Degree

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  • Have you been sitting and brooding over the degree that you have recently acquired?

    Don’t do that anymore because…

    None of us would admit that they make major life decisions whimsically or under peer pressure. Yet, if we look back at our life, we can see that this might be true in some cases.

    Choosing a career path is a milestone in our lives. My story is just like yours! I am among those unfortunates who regret the major choices made during college days.

    Having pursued history with much passion, I graduated as the top student of my class at the University of North Carolina. I had no job offers for six months down the lane; I experienced a pang of regret over the choice I had made in college. Over time, I realized that there is no use of crying over spilled milk! I elaborate on the three reasons how you can get over your college degree and can become a successful person.

    Calm Down! It’s Not the End of the World

    Try to relax and just think about it from a different point of view. You took the decision to pursue this degree based on your passion and not what the job market pertained. Graduation from college is a big achievement on its own. Consider the fact that most of the Americans end up dropping out of college midway. So stop being so hard on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back of graduating!

    Finding Alternatives

    Make some effort. I would not suggest putting yourself in more debt and pursuing higher education at once but take one step at a time. I will recommend that you try enrolling in different online certifications and learn some new tools. Your useless degree coupled with some new skills which are in demand might just open your luck! The additional skills you have, the more you stand out in a group of candidates applying for a particular job.

    Entering a Similar Stream

    Most of the college degrees out there are not restricted to any on field or career. The knowledge and expertise gained in your degree may as well be applicable in other industries. So instead of highlighting to the interviewer what you have studied, you should put emphasis on the transferable skills that you acquired during your time in college which you be applicable to that career. You can polish your skills and can brighten up your career too with this optimal way. Highlight your strengths and delete all your weaknesses.

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