36 Percent of Businesses Are Started in Colleges Before Students Complete Their Studies

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  • Many students don’t know what to do with their lives once they graduate.

    Granted, a degree is an essential component of a resume; however, students who start their professional life while going to college probably won’t have to build a resume in the first place.

    A professional career does not consist only of a degree but also on the experiences and goals achieved while studying. Isn’t learning the primary reason for going to college? Then, is waiting years to apply knowledge into practice a good idea? Starting a business while in college increases the chances of hitting the startup jackpot.

    2 out of  3 people find entrepreneurship a good career choice. 95.1 percent of entrepreneurs have a bachelor’s degree while 47 percent have advanced degrees. On average. The salary of a founder is below $50,000 a year. Most founders work at least 66 hours a week as opposed to their employed counterparts’ 47 hours. Start-ups with two founders are more likely to be successful.

    How Businesses Are Started

    36 percent of businesses are started in colleges before students complete their studies. Graduates who fail to find work start 21 percent of the businesses. 69 percent of the people polled expressed their desire to start a business.

    People chose entrepreneurship as a way of life because:

    1. They want to become their own bosses
    2. They want to earn more money
    3. They want to impact the world positively and leave a legacy
    4. They feel that the traditional routine of working does not suit them

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