5 Secrets To Conquering the LSAT

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  • The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is a challenging exam that tests the verbal, logic, and reading skills of those who wish to enter law school. This exam is offered several times a year and is a necessary hurdle to overcome on the path to becoming a lawyer. If you are planning on taking the LSAT soon, there are five ways you can prepare for success, whether your dream is to join a team of lawyers in St. Johns Newfoundland or to open your own practice. 

    Create a Timetable

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make when taking the LSAT is to procrastinate in your studying. In order to conquer it, you will need to create a study plan. Set aside several hours each day for reading LSAT prep manuals and taking practice tests online. Don’t let anything compromise your study time and let the people in your life know that it’s a vital part of your overall success.

    Take Advantage of Resources

    You don’t have to spend a fortune on pricey LSAT manuals in order to understand what kinds of questions are on the test. There are many free resources available online, such as practice questions and tests. These tests will let you know which questions you missed so that you can focus on your weak areas. There are also logic games and puzzles online that can strengthen your logical reasoning for the test. 

    Focus on Your Own Success

    The LSAT is a highly personalized test. Unlike standardized tests, the LSAT tests your individual skills and proficiency, so studying with others who are also taking the test won’t help you succeed. While you might want to help out a friend who is also trying to get into law school, this is a time to understand your own strengths and weaknesses so that you can pass the test with the highest possible score. It’s best to carry on alone with a solid, long-term study plan.

    Take Care of Your Mind and Your Body

    Preparing for the LSAT can be a grueling experience. However, staying healthy during the process is just as important as studying in order to remain sharp. Don’t stay up late to study and get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Cut back on sugar to avoid crashes and eat small meals throughout the day to stay energized. 

    Challenge Yourself, but Don’t Get Overwhelmed

    As you’re taking the practice tests, challenge yourself to do better each time, but be realistic about your goals as well. Remind yourself that it’s a process, and that every lawyer, whether they work for a local law firmĀ  or a famous New York law firm, started out exactly where you are now. Take things one step at a time, and you’re sure to reach your goal.

    The LSAT is notoriously difficult, but by following theĀ  5 tips listed above, not only will you give yourself a sighting chance, but you may very well perform a lot better than you expected.

    Karleia is a freelance blogger. She recommends Rogers Bussey lawyers for expert personal injury representation.

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