5 Tasks to Master Before Going to College

tasks to master before going to college

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  • College success entails more than simply attending classes, taking notes, and performing well on exams.

    Certain skills will assist your student in achieving success in all facets of college — both inside and outside the classroom.

    Consider the following list of skills that your student should begin developing to prepare for college.

    1. Laundry

    If you’ve never used a washing machine before, now is the time to learn. Learn how to distinguish between light and dark colors.Learn how to calculate the proper amount of detergent for each load and care for delicate clothing.

    Mom or dad may get it done at home, but they will not be present in college to remind you not to mix delicately with jeans and heavy jackets or avoid mixing red socks with white shirts. This process is rather technical, and you might want to practice at SelfOp Laundry if this is your first time.

    2. Budgeting

    Money will be tight during your college years. Understanding how to manage your money is a critical skill that will serve you well long after you graduate.

    As with time management, do not wait until you reach college to begin learning about money management. It is never too soon to begin.

    Begin by calculating your income and expenses when creating a budget. Then create a list of essential monthly expenditures. This could include your rent, groceries, transportation costs, and the cost of maintaining your apartment, to name a few.

    Ascertain that you have set aside sufficient funds to cover all of these expenses. If you have any remaining funds after paying for the necessities, you may wish to spend them on a special treat—perhaps a dinner out or some other form of entertainment.

    Even better, if you have any money left over after paying for the necessities, you can use it to repay your student loans, reducing your overall debt when you graduate. That is the best use of any discretionary income you may have as a college student.

    3. Effective Time Management

    This is, without a doubt, the most critical skill to master before attending college. You have classes, homework, and project assignments to manage, and there is no one to remind you or ensure that you schedule study time for upcoming exams.

    Keeping track of everything and ensuring that everything is completed on time is your responsibility. This is where your time management abilities will be put to the test.

    You must be able to balance time for homework, additional assignments, extracurricular activities, social life, and your part-time job while also making time for sleep. Sacrificing sleep to squeeze everything else into a 24-hour day is poor time management.

    Do not wait until you are accepted to college before attempting to manage your time. Begin developing your time management skills while still in high school.

    4. Capacity to adhere to directions

    While your student will have considerable freedom in college, they will also be expected to adhere to a great deal of direction.

    This includes their instructors’ directions on assignment submission and classroom behavior, as well as other details such as the number of visitors permitted in their dorm room, where they may park, and even where students may or may not ride their bikes on campus.

    Therefore, although college is a time for independence and self-discovery, there will always be an element of conformity.

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    5. Ability to communicate and collaborate

    Your student will meet new advisors, professors, staff members, and others who interact with students in several ways throughout college, and your student should be prepared to communicate in a variety of ways with a variety of individuals.

    Your student’s college studies are likely to need extensive group work. That is advantageous given the fact that many careers require collaboration. However, if they lack prior experience working in a team setting, they should be prepared.

    This involves contributing to the project’s success and speaking out when another team member falls short of their responsibilities.

    College life, particularly in the first year, can be challenging. There are so many changes to adjust to, from the expanded curriculum to the fact that you live away from home for the first time.

    This means that you must make decisions on your own. If your child is a creative thinker, college is the ideal place to begin putting ideas into action. There is a demand for novel and innovative approaches to established modes of thought. This will assist your student in standing out and gaining attention for the correct reasons.

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