7 Hacks for Trouble-free Dorm Cleaning

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  • With the busy college lifestyle, it’s understandable why most dorm rooms are a complete chaos.

    Between attending classes, meeting friends, going to parties and studying for exams, finding time to clean up your room can be a struggle.

    There are many reasons why living in messy room is not ok. First, it is unhealthy and unsanitary. Second, it can cause disputes between you and your roommates, unless you live alone.

    Keeping your dorm neat and organized is not that difficult after all. It’s not like you’re cleaning an entire house. Simply making the bed and removing the clutter from your desk can have a huge impact on how the place looks and feels. If it still sounds like too much work for you, here are a couple of hacks that will make the dorm room cleaning fast and easy.

    Don’t Overfill Your Room

    Fewer things mean less cleaning. Many students bring a lot of stuff with them when they move to college. Although, there is nothing wrong in personalizing your room, it can be quickly overstuffed with items you don’t really need. These goods not only take up place, but they also make the cleaning process more complicated.

    Keep Disinfecting Wipes at Hand

    You can use disposable wipes for sanitizing the surfaces, cleaning accidental spills, wiping the kitchen counter, the windows and even the sink and the toilet cover. You can basically use these multi-functional wonders anywhere around your dorm room. If you’re not exactly the type that stocks on cleaning products, you use an old sock. Stuff your hand inside and dust away the dirty areas.

    Gather Up Your Laundy

    Instead of moving the dirty clothes from your chair to the bed and back again, collect everything and put it in the hamper. If it is already overflowing with clothing, you might need to head to the washing machine.

    Make Your Bed

    Not in the mood for wiping and vacuuming? Make your bed and your room will magically become more organized. Since most dorm rooms are often tiny, the bed is usually a focal point. You don’t need fancy bedding and decorative pillows. Simply tight well your sheets and give your pillow a fluff.

    Clean the Bathroom While Showering

    Instead of spending your afternoon scrubbing the bathroom, do this while you are taking a shower. It is quick and will not feel like an obligation.

    Duct Tape Instead of Vacuuming

    If you don’t want to invest in a vacuum cleaner, you can use the sticky side of the duck tape to collect hair balls and lift any crumb spills.

    Use what You Have

    Some everyday ingredients can double-duty as effective cleaners. Baking soda is great for removing stains and mould. For example, you can use it to clean the fridge and to remove unpleasant odour from rotten food. Vinegar and lemon make perfect sanitizers because of the acid they contain.
    A clean dorm room can do miracles to the student’s health and state of mind. For only 15 minutes you will ensure that your place is germ-free and organized.
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