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Tips to Move into the Dorms without Taking Forever

Heading off to university at the start of the school year is filled with fun, new experiences, and a dose of worry, too. You’ll probably be excited to meet your roommates, see the campus again, and live on your own for the first time. Moving into a new dorm room is stressful enough without it […]

Best Office Furniture Essentials for Students

Choosing the right furniture is important for a student’s career. To maximize academic performance, it is important that you choose the right office furniture for the study environment, whether its for college or university, from the outset. Purchasing the right kind of student office furniture can have a beneficial effect on both a student’s productivity […]

Off to College? Must-Have Items For Any Dorm Room

College is an exciting time for any student, but life can be awkward if you don’t have everything you need in your dorm room. Use this checklist of items to find out what you need to bring to college, including items that will make your life easier, as well as some that will impress your […]

7 Hacks for Trouble-free Dorm Cleaning

With the busy college lifestyle, it’s understandable why most dorm rooms are a complete chaos. Between attending classes, meeting friends, going to parties and studying for exams, finding time to clean up your room can be a struggle. There are many reasons why living in messy room is not ok. First, it is unhealthy and […]

How to Conserve Living Space in College

Going to college is a fun time whether you’re a teenager or an adult. If you’re living in a dorm, then you might face a few challenges as there is a smaller living space. However, if you follow a few simple tips, you can have plenty of space for clothes, shoes and all of the […]

Shopping Furniture for Your Dorm Room

Within a few weeks, universities across the world fill up their dorms, surrounding houses and apartments with incoming students. So this means you will need to be quick about your needs when it comes to lodging during the semesters ahead. If you plan on buying your own furniture, then you should avoid going overboard. The […]

Apartment or Dorm room Decoration Tips

A lot of students today have dorm rooms, but others can afford to rent out entire apartments. Small apartments are most often the case, which begs the question how these places will be decorated as well as the more practical part of the matter. When you do have a smaller space you will need to […]

How to Save Space (and Still Have Cool Stuff) in a College Dorm

Decorating a new dorm room can be a daunting task for college freshmen and their parents. It’s hard to convince new students to leave their tattered stuffed toys and “Star Wars” figurines at home to help save space and reduce clutter when packing and unpacking. Not to mention that there are certain things that are […]