4 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Bathroom Clean

keep dorm bathroom clean

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  • Your dorm bathroom is worth keeping clean.

    The bathroom is the first and last thing that you interact with every day; if you take care of it, your college life will be healthier and more relaxed.


    Purchase Cleaning Products

    You can’t keep any room clean without the proper supplies. For a bathroom, you’ll need a glass cleaner, antibacterial spray for the toilet, and a general cleaning agent for the rest of the room. You’ll also need washcloths, disposable sponges, and a toilet brush.

    Since you’ll be dealing with bacteria and minor chemicals, consider buying a box of disposable gloves. You should also buy bags for the bathroom trash can. A single purchase of cleaning supplies should last you all semester; if you’re worried about the cost, ask your roommates to pitch in.

    Create a Cleaning Schedule

    Don’t expect yourself to clean randomly. Students are busy with homework, jobs, and socialization. Make a schedule of tasks based on how often each chore needs to be completed.

    Ask your roommates to help you keep the dorm bathroom clean, but don’t lose sleep if they won’t cooperate. Bathroom cleaning takes very little time out of your schedule and will greatly improve your quality of life.

    Maintain Important Areas

    The three most important parts of a bathroom are the sink, the toilet, and the shower. These areas are also the places where bacteria are more likely to grow.

    Sinks should be wiped down on a daily basis. Even if you have roommates, take it upon yourself to perform this task. Pay careful attention to any buildup around the mouth of the faucet. Windex the mirror on a semi-daily basis to remove toothpaste smudges and other residues.

    Toilets need to be cleaned on a semi-daily to weekly basis. Use an antibacterial cleaner, and never use the same cloth to clean the toilet as the one that you use for the rest of the bathroom. Clean inside the bowl with a toilet brush.

    Showers don’t need to be cleaned as often, but they do build up a mess with time. Clean the entire shower at least once a month. Don’t forget to clean ceiling showers; you might have to reach, but you need to disinfect anywhere that water normally flows.

    Other consistently needed tasks include sweeping the floor, organizing the cabinet and restocking supplies, and emptying the bathroom trash.

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    Tackle Individual Problems

    Bathrooms get dirty in unique ways based on the people who use them. At least once a month, check the bathroom for any additional problems that might need your attention. Pay special attention to corners on both the floor and the ceiling; this is where mold tends to develop.

    If you’ve never maintained your own bathroom, keeping a shared bathroom clean can feel like a daunting task. Make time for a few minutes of housekeeping every day; it’s easier than you think, and your living conditions will be significantly better.

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