4 Trade School Programs to Consider for an Unconventional Career

trade school programs

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  • Young people of all backgrounds and skills have found an alternative to approaching their futures.

    These are individuals pursuing careers that do not require degrees.

    According to TradeSchools.net, there are at least 27 different high-paying career options.

    These can be secured with 2 years or less training through various programs.

    Some will choose this avenue of finding a career because of their natural abilities. Others simply want to spend less time preparing for the future overall. Unconventional careers can be pursued and trained for at trade schools around the country. There are programs that represent various industries, as well.

    Licensed Practical Nurses

    One of the most popular examples in the healthcare category is a licensed practical nurse. The median pay for this particular position in 2018 was $46+K. This support nursing role can be achieved through vocational training in the field. These professionals work alongside doctors and other healthcare workers.

    Professional Drivers

    There are many types of companies that hire professional drivers. In some instances, there are CDL truck driver positions available to those who have completed training.

    Along with these positions are those in the delivery field that include restaurants, retail stores, and popular online companies. In order to qualify for these students must take training and get the type of driver’s licenses employers require.

    Computer Programmers

    It is possible to work as a computer programmer without an advanced degree. In fact, many in this field start with 2 years or less training. This typically includes studying software coding and app development. Some who work in this arena end up earning six-figure salaries and work for a variety of employers. Trade schools and community colleges offer these programs.

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    Heavy Equipment Operators

    Heavy equipment operators require training and on-the-job experience to build their skills. This is another career option that can be pursued at a trade school. The most popular employers for these operators are local and state agencies. The job growth in this field reached 12% in 2018. Top pay here could exceed $69K.

    Trade schools have long been considered an option for students who are not interested in higher education. Learning technical and other trades is an unconventional way to prepare for the future. This also comes with the added bonus of not acquiring college loan debts. There are many different fields available to those who learn trades. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this approach.

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