7 Time-Management Tips for College Students

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  • As a student one has to have certain skills in order to succeed in his or her own field; however, more importantly one has to know how to manage time effectively so as to ensure high productivity. So, how do you manage time as a student? Read the following post to know more

    If you are planning to pursue your management studies abroad, or to be more specific you aim to pursue MBA in USA, needless to say that you need to prepare for the same, beginning with applying in several MBA Colleges in USA However, once you land up in a foreign country you might have to overcome certain challenges. One of them managing everything at a go – studies, sometimes working, managing finance; juggling all these of course demands that you manage time properly. Yes, you got it right—managing time is very essential. So how do you do that and get enmeshed in the “USA way of Life?”
    Most students are hard-pressed for time; this is because most college students whether undergraduate or postgraduates work almost 30 hours in the week working. So, how can manage your time so as to deal with life more effectively?

    The following paragraphs throw light on ways to manage time effectively as a student.

    Know your priorities

    Before making a decision or putting your thoughts into action you must know your priorities. Make a list of all the activities that you need to do or likely to delegate. Make a note as to what should be in high priority or what should you give low priority. You can start by numbering them – A could imply a high priority followed by B and C – that can be given less priority over A.

    Try to be organized

    Being organized is one of the best possible ways of managing time. Being organized keeps you in check. Maintain a timetable and try to follow it regularly. In this regard what you can do is have a set time to study for each class. Understand that studying every day is important; for example you are pursuing MBA from an American university; as management studies involve various coursework and modules – what you can do is keep separate study hours for separate modules. For instance you revise your Microeconomics lesson in the morning and keep aside Consumer Behavior for the evening.

    Manage your work time

    Try and assess your work time. How long will you take to complete one task? How much time you intend to keep aside in order to prepare for the next class assignment? How much energy will you need to complete one project? Highest priority tasks usually require a lot of energy; you will have to schedule your routine accordingly. You got to know yourself better in order to perform these tasks—what one do you prefer getting up early in the morning or staying up late in the night? Plan accordingly.

    Never neglect your health

    whatever you do, if you neglect your health, it is bound to have an adverse effect on your progress as a student. While as a student it might seem that focusing on health is quite a basic thing to do—but is very important. Healthy activities comprise regular exercises; remember that a regular exercise regime will help you reduce stress thereby increasing your productivity.

    Understand studying needs a lot of hard work, so maintaining your health is very essential. Make sure you get enough sleep; a good night’s sleep is required if you want to perform well; while switching between subjects it’s good to take a walk around. Do take breaks while studying. These help in clearing the mind and allow your brain to reset it for new activities.

    Plan ahead

    Are you working over the weekends or after classes? Well, students working part-time or even full-time are quite common in the United States and other western countries. Needless to say that you have to chalk out a plan in order to juggle both – job and studies. It is best that you plan ahead of time. For example you will have to submit a term paper and on that very week you have a deadline to meet at your workplace – so how do you manage both. Well – planning ahead can actually help you to overcome such crisis. Being able to manage both does require some amount of skills which you might have to work upon a little. Follow up with your scheduler and try to make changes that you feel is necessary.

    Leave space for flexibility

    There are times when you will inevitably come up with situations that you were probably not expecting. As an adult learner you will definitely benefit if you have a flexible mindset. No matter wherever you choose to go to college for, all you have to do is open your mind and accept and challenge everything that comes your way. If you are flexible it will help you too learn all the more and possibly overcome obstacles.

    Allow little things to add up

    As a MBA student, you will always come across certain tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis; the job can encompass a variety of activities – such as meetings, group discussions, paper presentations, field work and even internships. Some small things also need to be completed such as revising a lesson, editing term papers – such small things can be easily accomplished in between greater commitments. Do not wait for things to get done. Understand that as a student a lot many things can be done by yourself. So take control of the things that you can do and make it work according to you. Small things such as developing good and regular study habits can actually turn out to be good time management attributes.

    Here is a quick recap of Timesaving Tips

    • Improve and sharpen all your skills through regular practice and hard work
    • Look critically and analyze your habits and methods
    • Learn how can you take tests effectively
    • Attend workshops and enroll in coursework that motivates you to perform better by managing yourself and of course time.
    • Inculcate the habit of studying in a place that you find conducive
    • Use your spare time more effectively; try and carry any pocket work so that you can glance through lessons while waiting at the dining or eating alone
    • Maintain a small note of everything; use and maintain lists that will help you to keep yourself organized and composed.
    • Take time learn and unlearn. There is no hurry.

    On a final note, realize that people usually allow their behavior and attitudes shape their goals; but you must understand that if you let your goals shape your attitude, achieving them becomes easier. Understand that following a proper time schedule and being dedicated will help you sail through all kinds of struggles and obviously help you succeed. Be determined and remember that strong determination can help you bring about changes and make successful not only in your student life but later as well.

    Author Bio: A professional writer and a passionate blogger, Sampurna Majumder loves challenges; little more than a year into new media, she has written several posts and blogs on various topics including education, especially management and engineering. The above post provides an insight into time management for college students.

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