7 Ultimate Ways To Survive Your Exams Stress

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  • Stress comes in our life in a variety of ways, especially in the days of our college life. First, we feel it when we are going to take admission in the college. Once we get past that stress, the second one comes and hits like a bus when we move into dorms, away from our house. Another one comes and, this one, hits like a train when we are expected to perform well in our college assignment writing tasks.

    Likewise, it is quite natural to get stressed while preparing for exams and there’s nothing that can vanish it overnight. A little stress is important to give you a head start and help you study in a fast pace. However, over stress can ruin the efforts that you are putting in to get high scores.

    As mentioned earlier, there is no one way, at all, that can fade away your exam stress in one go. However, there are some effective ways that can help you reduce stress little by little until there is none left at all. Let us learn more about those ways:

    Compose Revision Timetable:

    You may have seen students who are good at revising all course content just before the exam. However, it is not preferred to leave all your course content for the last minute. Therefore, to be at safe side, you should compose a timetable for revision to ensure that you will cover your entire course in a timely manner.

    Maintain Your Diet Plan:

    If you want to study hard, then you must take proper diet. It will provide you with the energy that is required to concentrate on your studies effectively. It is seen that most of the students either do not eat at all or start eating junk food just to be time-savvy during exams. However, both options are not good because your body requires nutrients to keep you fresh and energetic throughout the day. Therefore, you should make a proper diet plan which includes veggies, fruits, bread and smoothies.

    Sleep Well:

    It is seen that students start studying late at night and reduce their sleeping hours just to cover all course content for exams which, ultimately, increase their stress. A good night sleep, of at least 8 hours, is suggested to reduce your exams anxiety. It will make you feel positive and happier when you will awake in the next morning. Therefore, you must sleep well and start preparing for your exams at the time of the day when you feel most fresh.

    Take Breaks:

    Another important thing that can help you feel fresh for exams is to take breaks while studying. Your body and brain need breaks to perform effectively, but studying for long hours and days, in a row, will decrease their performance and the time and efforts you will be putting in it will be wasted. Therefore, you must take breaks during exams and do something that will make you relax and feel refresh.

    Do Not Compare:

    One thing that can boost your stress is comparing yourself with others. Every human in this world has his different pace and strategy for doing anything or everything and same goes to studying. Therefore, you should not compare yourself with your friends and set your own goals that are feasible to achieve.

    Get Disconnected:

    You should get yourself disconnected from the world while you are studying for your exams. Your mobile, laptop and anything that connects you with the social circle can be big distractions for you. You will get the time to check out what’s going on in your social circle in the breaks you will take. Therefore, make sure that all of your gadgets are switched off when you sit to study.

    Read/Write Again and Again:

    Going through your course content just turning over the pages of books may not help you remember all important things. The only way to memorize all important points is to read or write them again and again, at least for three times. This practice is found very helpful by students. Therefore, make it your habit and do not go to the next topic unless you have done it for the topic you are currently revising.

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