Saving to Buy a MacBook? Find 9 Amazing Tips to Save Money in College for New Students

save money in college

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  • Have you been scrounging to save money as a college student?

    Whether you’re currently enrolled in college or your student days are behind you, it’s safe to say that education can be incredibly costly.

    In addition to paying for your classes, you also have to account for other living expenses such as housing, utilities, textbooks and the basic costs of food.

    So, what are the best tips to save money in college? Read on to discover nine simple yet effective ways to save money as a college student.

    1. Establish a Detailed Budget

    If you’ve yet to create a budget for your spending, now is the time.

    The first step in taking your college finances seriously is to establish a strict monthly budget. This is going to help you keep track of your finances and avoid overspending and splurging on unnecessary items.

    When creating a budget, it’s important to be both realistic and stringent. This is going to ensure that you’re maintaining your finances in a way that is responsible and practical at the same time.

    2. Buy Used Textbooks

    It’s safe to say that buying textbooks is a significant expense for many students today.

    In fact, 65 percent of students have skipped purchasing essential reading items due to a lack of affordability. Not only does this make completing coursework a challenge, but it also puts financially pressed students at a major disadvantage.

    This is why making an effort to purchase used textbooks is so crucial. While this does require students to act fast, it’s sure to yield incredible savings.

    3. Take Advantage of Public Transit

    Anyone that has a car knows firsthand just how expensive car ownership is. Not only must you pay for the car itself, but you also have to factor in the added costs of maintenance, insurance, and gas.

    This is why relying on public transit throughout your college days is surely the best option for transportation. Fortunately, most students will benefit from reduced transit fare with their student card. This allows taking public transit to be all the more affordable and accessible for students.

    4. Opt for Roommates

    So, what about your living headquarters?

    When it comes to student life, accommodation is typically one of the most significant expenses of all. In fact, one study found that shelter takes up approximately 29 percent of our household expenses.

    This is why the majority of students opt for co-living rather than living independently. Not only is this going to make your rent more affordable, but it’s also going to minimize the cost of your utilities and even your grocery bills.

    Think about it: living with roommates allows you to split bills ranging from gas and electricity to internet and cable. When paying for such bills independently, it’s easy to see how these costs would add up.

    5. Use Your Student Discount

    In times of struggle, don’t forget to take advantage of your student discount

    Most colleges and universities will offer their students a student discount card. Whether it’s for bars and restaurants or services and amenities, your student discount is sure to provide you with serious savings.

    Ensure that you have your student card on you at all times and that you’re always inquiring as to discount opportunities.

    6. Explore Campus Amenities

    During your time at college, be sure to take advantage of the amenities on your campus.

    Most colleges and universities are going to have a wide selection of amenities for their students to utilize. This could be anything from exercise classes and movie nights to recreational sporting leagues and support groups.

    These amenities are often free or offered at a significantly reduced rate.

    7. Fix and Reuse

    When items break and fall apart, it’s always tempting to immediately replace that item. This is especially the case for items such as phones and computers that are used so frequently throughout the day.

    Rather than repurchasing that item, try making an effort to fix that item first. Nowadays, there are plenty of online resources that will coach viewers on how to fix everyday items.

    For example, resources such as will explain how to fix a broken camera on a Mac. These tutorials are aimed at making seemingly complicated topics more accessible to all.

    8. Make Your Own Coffee

    Sure, it might sound simple. But, making your own coffee is sure to produce significant savings over an extended period of time.

    Of course, enjoying your coffee from a reusable cup is also going to benefit the environment. With this, you can save money while also knowing that you’re doing your part for the planet.

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    9. Sell Your Textbooks

    Just as purchasing used textbooks is helpful, so too is selling your old textbooks. Rather than collecting dust on your bookshelves, why not make some money and help out a fellow student?

    This is a great way to earn extra cash upon the commencement of a new semester. In this day and age, there are plenty of means online for advertising your old and unused textbooks.

    Tips to Save Money in College

    Are you always on the hunt for the best tips to save money in college?

    If so, be sure to use the above guide for a dose of inspiration. From buying and selling used textbooks to taking advantage of your student discount, these measures are sure to help better your finances.

    While these savings might seem insignificant at first, they just might be the path to healthy finances throughout your college experience.

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