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  • Choosing a college major can be a difficult decision. How do you know if you are making the best choice for the future?

    Will your degree help you find a job after you graduate? Is what the market needs now, the same that will be needed in four years?

    When choosing which degree to pursue, you might consider some of the choices below.

    Materials Science and Engineering

    With a Materials Science and Engineering degree you can develop, test, and process materials used to create everything from bicycle helmets to aircraft wings. The average pay in the industry is relatively high and the career is in high demand; making this an excellent option for people who enjoy math and science. Who knows, a Materials Science and Engineering major might just be the one to finally bring hover boards to the masses!

    Coding and Programming

    One thing that seems sure to stay constant in any future industry, is computers and websites. Every business needs a good website. Knowing how to code and create one can put you head and shoulders above the competition. Programming courses are available in most colleges and getting into these kinds of majors is easy for the modern student. After graduation, finding work either for one company, or a marketing agency to do website development is also a simple task in most states.


    The field of economics is booming, and when you consider how the field varies so widely, you’re sure to find a position. Education here encompasses the work of both Alan Greenspan and Steven Levitt. It is clear there is a lot of room for growth for economists. Economists are employed by governments, private corporations, and nonprofits alike to help them meet their financial goals, making this an excellent choice for your major.


    Geologists work to help corporations find and accumulate precious minerals and oil. But they also study the changes in the Earth’s crust, tracking climate change and other geographic concerns and anomalies. This is a field that is valued by people on both ends of the political spectrum, making geology a wonderful choice for people with an interest in the sciences. 


    This might sound crazy, but philosophical thinking abilities are tremendously valuable today, making a philosopher an excellent candidate for many different types of jobs. Teachers, ministers, politicians, and many others often get their start in philosophy. Also, philosophy seems to be the newest television craze. Writers on shows like The Good Place and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt delving deep into Western philosophy as the basis for their scripts. While it might not get you a job on Wall St., a degree in philosophy can give you a solid foundation from which to build a career.

    Choosing a college major before you know if you will be working for the State Department or designing websites for small businesses is daunting. But with a little bit of thought and planning, it is possible to choose the perfect degree plan for you and the future job market.

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