Four Places You Can Work with a Health Administration Degree

health administration degree

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  • Choosing the degree you want to do can be a major decision, whether you are planning to go away to college in the traditional way or to study online.

    Not only does the subject you choose need to be one you care about and which will keep you interested through your bachelor’s degree – and possibly post-grad programs after that – it also has to be something that will reward you for your hard work with a good career later on.

    If you like the idea of a career in healthcare but aren’t of a mind to take on a hands-on medical role, then healthcare administration can offer the best of both worlds. You can be an important part of ensuring people get the best care, while also doing a job that is more strategic and managerial, rather than requiring you to work antisocial hours or be comfortable with bodily fluids!

    Here are four places where your skills will be in demand if you do a health care administration online degree:


    The most obvious place where health care admin is important is in a hospital. As large places with a wide range of departments and hundreds of patients, the admin of running a hospital is intensive and requires a lot of people. However, those who progress in this career path can end up in very prestigious (and well paid) roles in hospital management and can have a huge impact on how well the hospital performs.

    Strategies and policies set by hospital admin staff can make a huge difference to how well patients are treated and how satisfied with the running of things the medical staff are, and so a hospital’s reputation in many ways relied upon how effective the admin team is.  

    Doctors’ Offices

    Managing a doctors’ practice – whether it is a general practice for all kinds of conditions or something specific like a cosmetic surgery clinic – is something else that a degree in health admin can set you up for. This is a good option for those who want to work standard business hours and deal with a less hectic environment than a hospital setting.

    Rehab Centers

    Addiction rehab centers usually have patients who are there on a residential basis for the duration of their treatment and need to be booked in for sessions of therapy, counseling, and other rehabilitation related activities throughout their stay. Managing all of this and scheduling everything requires people with a good health admin background and, of course, there is also the financial management.

    Nursing Homes

    A fourth place you may wish to work in your health administration career is in care homes for the elderly.  These are permanent residential facilities where most people have requirements for medication and specific care, so managing things well is key to ensuring a good service.

    As you can see, there are lots of places where this kind of degree can unlock a good career, and there are also requirements in fields like social work and ambulance dispatch that can make for other options too.

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