Rise and Shine! How to Start Your School Day Energized and with a Clear Mind

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  • The reason why you go to school is to get an education that can improve your prospects of getting a good job.

    In addition to getting good grades, school is also a place where you can make friends and build your social skills.

    However, this may not be possible without good sleep and nutrition habits.

    Get at Least Seven Hours of Sleep a Night

    To start your day as energetic as possible, make sure that you sleep at least seven hours the night before. Depending on your sleep habits, it may not be necessary to get them in a row. Therefore, you could sleep for a few hours, wake up to do homework and then go back to sleep before school starts.

    Eat Breakfast Before Going to Class

    While you don’t need to eat like royalty every morning, you should at least eat a bowl of cereal or have a bagel either at home or in the school cafeteria. It is much easier to concentrate when you are not hungry, and the nutrients in your food may help to regulate your mood. This may help you listen to lectures or be more eager to participate in class discussions.

    A Little Caffeine Is Acceptable

    There is nothing wrong with having a K-Cup from somewhere like 11th Street Coffee first thing in the morning to overcome the haze experienced just after waking up. In some cases, just the smell of pumpkin spice in your dorm room or kitchen at home can be enough to start the day off right. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it as too much coffee can make you jittery and lead to dependency over time.

    Exercise First Thing in the Morning

    A few minutes of light exercise in the morning can set the right tone for your whole day. Whether you choose to walk the dog, run on the treadmill or lift weights in the gym, the energy boost that you get from being active can stay with you for the rest of the day. Ideally, you will exercise for at least 20 minutes a day three times a week to maintain your overall health.

    There is little to be gained from coming to class groggy or otherwise not ready to make the most of your education. A cup of coffee, a few minutes on the treadmill and a good breakfast are all easy ways that you can start your day right and get the most from your time in the classroom.

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