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Best Cities for Commuting & Travel

Best Cities for Commuting & Travel Commuting and travel back and forth from school and home can be a real pain, especially if you are a daily commuter student, but it is considerably worse in some cities. One would think that any major metropolitan area would be designed with commuters in mind, and although that […]

Ghosts of Cell Phones Past

The majority of cellphones from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s were just that: phones. They did not send email and text messages; they did not log onto the Internet; and they did not include GPS.  Instead, users considered themselves lucky if they were able to play Snake. For graduates (and perhaps those graduating), you […]

E-Cigarettes: What Are They?

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a battery operated device that emits doses of nicotine that are inhaled. Instead of smoke, the nicotine is part of a vaporized solution consisting mostly of water, making it potentially less harmful than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are marketed by tobacco companies as alternatives for those who enjoy cigarettes but […]

College Socializing 101

College is a unique time in life. While the ostensible purpose of college is to prepare for a career, it is also a time to grow out of your teenage years and enter the realm of adulthood. It is often said that the friendships one makes in college are the most significant in life. The […]

Pop Culture in the Cards

Collecting trading cards of various types is a popular, and often highly profitable, hobby. Some collectible cards are made to commemorate players of a game while other cards are a game unto themselves. There are many different types of trading cards that can be collected. The following is a list of some trading cards that […]

Know What Your University Health Insurance Covers

Navigating college can be a challenge in and of itself. On top of that, students also must decipher what is and what is not covered under their university health insurance. Here, we consider some important coverage points to consider when selecting a health insurance plan. Options vary by plan, so it’s best to check specific […]

Safety Tips for Intramural College Sports

Intramural college sports are a very important part of life for many college students. Intramural sports help college students meet new friends, stay active, and continue interests they may have started in high school or middle school. As fun and beneficial as intramural collegiate sports can be, safety should always be the top priority during […]

The Freshman 15: A Myth Exposed!

Students heading off to college can expect to gain weight, with some researchers claiming that gains of 15 pounds or more are common, what has become known as the "Freshman 15." The Freshman 15, however, may be more of a myth than a reality as the average gain is usually much less, with students gaining […]