College Car: Tricks to Survive the Daily Commute to School

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  • We all know the importance of getting a higher education, but actually getting to your college every day can be a real hassle when you commute.

    For those of us who don’t live on campus, attending a university means a lengthy drive to campus every morning and an even longer journey back home thanks to evening traffic.

    If your daily commute to and from school is starting to take a toll on your happiness, here are a few tips that can make your travel a bit more tolerable.

    Refuel the Day Before

    Nothing is worse than waking up early, getting in the car, and realizing your gas tank is on Empty. Be sure you fill up during your return commute so you don’t have to worry about being late in the morning. Even better, try to fill up when you have breaks between classes. Then you can avoid the gas station rush on the way home.

    Bring a Snack

    The drive to campus is bound to be worse on an empty stomach. Instead of waiting until you arrive at school to buy a coffee, invest in a travel thermos and fill it up to take with you on the road. Bring along a piece of fruit (or anything else that doesn’t leave a lot of crumbs) to hold you over until you arrive at school. Hopefully, when you aren’t irritable and hungry, your commute can become a little less stressful.

    Get Tinted Windows

    Sunshine is wonderful, but not when it’s blinding you in the morning or heating up your car throughout the day. When you have tinted windows, your car will be cooler when you get in it in the evenings, making the drive home a lot more enjoyable. Places like Instant Windscreens NZ can make this addition to your vehicle, no matter it’s age, and keep you cool all summer long.


    This method of travel is good for the environment and can even boost your mood. If you don’t mind driving, offer to pick up a classmate who lives nearby. The company can make the morning commute much more pleasant and on the days you just can’t deal, they can return the favor and give you a lift.

    Drive Safe

    As frustrating as daily commutes can be, make sure that you always follow the rules of the road and practice safe driving techniques. Speeding may get you to your destination faster, but it also puts your life and others at risk. Use your blinker, and always travel carefully to avoid unforeseen accidents.

    Give Yourself a Break

    If you’re really not up for a long drive, treat yourself and call an Uber or just take a long bus ride one day a week. These options are available just about everywhere and you can take advantage of the backseat to do your makeup, eat breakfast, or just finish up last night’s homework assignment.
    Going to college is important but if you commute the daily drive can take a toll. Be sure to prepare yourself and your vehicle beforehand and give yourself a little extra time for driving.

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