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Car Maintenance Tips Every College Commuter Should Know

Modern vehicles are much more reliable than many cars made in the past. While it used to be rare for automobiles to stay on the road for much past 100,000 miles, today’s cars routinely make it to the 200,000 mile mark and often last much longer. But even modern vehicles need regular maintenance to keep […]

The Step-by-Step Guide for Dealing with a Fender Bender

When driving is part of your daily life, one thing that will happen to most people is being involved in a fender bender. While fender benders aren’t usually life threatening, they can still be scary experiences. If you know exactly what to do in this kind of situation, you can be more at ease. Below […]

Leasing or Buying: What’s the Better Option for Your Budget?

Shopping for a car can mean an overwhelming amount of decisions you have to make, from used or brand new, 2-door or 4-door, or even manual or automatic transmissions. Another equally important decision to make is whether to lease the car or buy it. Both financial options have their individual merit, but also have pitfalls […]

5 Fun and Affordable Vehicles for College Freshmen

Most college students usually do not have a lot of money in their bank account. Fortunately, you do not have to be rich in order to drive an exciting car. Here are five fun and affordable vehicles for college freshmen.  Honda CR-Z Not only is the Honda CR-Z one of the most affordable hybrid vehicles […]

Are Fixed Gear Bikes all They’re Cracked Up to Be?

A fixed gear bike is a bicycle with only one gear that doesn’t allow the rider to coast. Simply put, as long as the bike is in motion, both the wheels and the pedals are moving. Fixed gear bikes, or “fixies,” have become incredibly popular in recent years among hip, young urbanites, better known and […]