College Transportation: 4 Ideas for Getting around Campus Quickly

college transportation

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  • When going away to college, what kind of transportation you need largely depends on what kind of a school you’re going to.

    If you’re attending a school in or near a major metropolitan area, you might not need a car.

    However, if your school is in a more rural, isolated area, you might need a car.

    Here are four ideas for getting around campus quickly.

    Campus Shuttle

    Most colleges offer shuttle buses that go around campus and the surrounding area to help you get to class. You want to look at a shuttle map to see where it stops and how frequently. This can really make it easier for you to get to class on time, as you can save time finding a parking space. However, you should be aware of the shuttle schedule, so that you don’t end up missing your bus.


    It’s the oldest method of transportation and one of the most reliable. On a nice day, you can make it across campus easily with your own two feet. See what kind of walkability your campus has. If it has wide, open sidewalks, you can transport yourself quite easily. Just make sure that you know how much time it takes you to get from building to building on campus.

    Buy a New Car

    Having a new car is a great way to get around campus as quickly as possible. Since college students are often on a tight budget, you don’t want to go too extravagant. Look for reasonably-priced vehicles, like those available at Young Automotive Group, through a salesman or through classified ads. You want to look for one that’s suitable for the climate you’re living in and one that has very strong mileage.

    Buy a Bicycle

    A bicycle is like a car that doesn’t require any gasoline. A quality fixed or multi-gear bike can get you around campus easily. You just want to make sure you find one with decent performance and qualities, such as air in tires and a sturdy frame. On campus, you should be aware of any bike paths so that you don’t get in anyone’s way, and bike racks for you to store your bike.

    We hope this has given you a great idea for how to get around campus quickly. When looking for transportation on campus, you have lots of options to consider. With this list, you should be able to make the best transportation decision possible.

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