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living college life

College Life: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

It’s no secret that college is expensive, and living on a tight student budget can limit your ability to enjoy the social aspects of college, like going out with friends, joining sports teams, or participating in other activities that cost money. But that doesn’t mean your college life needs to be completely restricted by your […]

keep dorm bathroom clean

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dorm Bathroom Clean

Your dorm bathroom is worth keeping clean. The bathroom is the first and last thing that you interact with every day; if you take care of it, your college life will be healthier and more relaxed.   Purchase Cleaning Products You can’t keep any room clean without the proper supplies. For a bathroom, you’ll need […]

trade school programs

4 Trade School Programs to Consider for an Unconventional Career

Young people of all backgrounds and skills have found an alternative to approaching their futures. These are individuals pursuing careers that do not require degrees. According to TradeSchools.net, there are at least 27 different high-paying career options. These can be secured with 2 years or less training through various programs. Some will choose this avenue […]

successfully succeed in college

How to Successfully Succeed in College

College life can be challenging to some students, especially for those who have pressure to achieve outstanding academic performance. While the main reason one joins college is to acquire academic skills, the experience does not have to be a struggle. When approached appropriately, college life can be a fun adventure. In this article, I will […]

prepare for college

College Confidential: Helpful Tips to Prepare for College

It seems like your entire life has been building up to this one moment. The hundreds of tests, college-level classes, extracurricular activities. They’re all a culmination for what comes next. College.   You might think the hard stuff is over, but now that high school is in your rear-view mirror, the real work begins. But […]

understanding student loans

A Guide to the Complex World of Student Loans

Student loans are a great way to help pay for college, but some loans offer better deals than others. Make sure you understand the conditions of a loan before you borrow.   Know How Much You Need Student loans are intended to help you with the expenses of college. This includes tuition, books, supplies, transportation, […]

moving student abroad

6 Adjustments to Make When Moving to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a concept that can provide you with so many different advantages, ranging from broadening your world views all the way to acquiring a higher quality of education. Nonetheless, it’s definitely a challenge that you’ll have to work hard to overcome. Fortunately, with six simple adjustments on your side, this challenge won’t be […]