College Life in Texas: Things to See & Do

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  • College is the perfect opportunity to starting a new chapter in life.

    Adventure, independence, and expanding your knowledge and horizons.

    Whether you’re in the planning stages of deciding where to receive your higher education or are waiting for the acceptance letters to roll in, don’t forget to consider Texas.

    When many people think about Texas, they may think vast desert landscapes, oil rigs, and hot weather. While most of Texas has warm weather year round, there are things like culture and college to think about, too. Texas has some of the best colleges and universities in the country, and it would be a shame to pass up a campus tour, let alone sending in an application.

    Here are some things to see and do in some of the popular college towns of Texas:


    Dallas has many private, public, and community colleges and universities to consider when taking your college tour. Ranked as the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the U.S., your first visit to Dallas may be overwhelming, but anything but boring. While Dallas is the hub for higher education, there are plenty of things to do in your downtime.

    If you love football or want to spend the day walking around museums, Dallas has an active day and night life scene. Located on I-35, traveling via car will be your easiest and only option in some parts of the city. While mass transit is available in some downtown areas, your car will become your best friend. Since most Dallas residents travel via car, the roadways are congested and can be hazardous due to drunk drivers and distracted or reckless drivers.


    Whether you are interested in Theology, general college courses, or even Cosmetology, there’s something for everyone in the capital city, located about three hours south of Dallas along I-35. Proudly the Live Music Capital of the World and home of SXSW, Austin is a music lovers must see destination. Even if music isn’t your passion, there are plenty of other things to do from hiking to enjoying the nightlife.

    Austin is easily and heavily traveled by car. In addition to being navigable via motor vehicle, the city prides itself on being bicycle friendly. While cycling is encouraged, be careful when sharing the road with drivers.

    San Antonio

    After you’ve checked out all the “weird” things Austin has to offer, keep heading about an hour and a half south on I-35 to San Antonio. Although San Antonio has fewer colleges than Austin and Dallas, there are still some with great reputations. In your downtime, explore the great outdoors via Segways, kayaks, or on bicycle.

    While San Antonio has a trolley system in some parts of the downtown area, traveling by car continues to be your best option. If you’re of age, San Antonio has a vibrant nightlife. Although there’s a lack of mass transit, there are rideshare services that can get you safely to and from your destinations, so you don’t need to risk getting a DUI or causing an accident.

    If you’re interested in touring the college campuses of Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio or simply want to see what the college cities have to offer, you could easily make it into a weekend trip; you may want to make it longer with all the things to see and do.

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