Best Intramural Sports to Play in College

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  • One of the oft-overlooked aspects of college is the quality and competitiveness of their intramural sports

    Intramural sports are recreational activities that are organized within a particular institution, or geographical region. 

    Colleges often employ intramural sports as a way to spark healthy competition and camaraderie among students, in school and with other schools. 

    Intramurals are a great way to get active and break out of the library to get some sunshine every once and a while.  Here is a list of some of the best intramural sports, from conventional to quirky. 

    Floor Hockey

    Even if there isn’t an ice rink in sight, floor hockey is a great alternative.  Players generally wear athletic shoes instead of skates, but the game can typically be played the same as ice hockey.  Universities such as Drexel University and others offer floor hockey as an intramural sport.


    If you like to relive the days of your childhood in your grade school yard playing kickball for P.E., then kickball is your sport.  Imagine—if you kicked a ball as far as you did in elementary school, think of how far you can kick it now, as an adult! 


    Let your Harry Potter dreams come to fruition when you pick up a broomstick and race down the field to catch the snitch.  You may not be able to fly in real life, but if you can run, you can certainly play Quidditch.  The positions are similar to the books—the chasers move the quaffle (a volleyball) down the field, while the beaters throw bludgers (dodgeballs) at the opposing team’s players.  The keeper defends the goals, and finally, there is the snitch.  If you were your track team’s star athlete in high school, then you may want to take the honor of being the snitch.  Believe it or not, you can find Quidditch on some university and other college campuses.

    Table Tennis

    If you are more of the sedentary type, look no further than table tennis.  Also known as ping-pong, table tennis allows all the joy of tennis but none of the running.  However, don’t be fooled—table tennis is a sport that requires refined skill and quick muscle movements.  A table tennis match between two highly skilled players is quick and intense.  If you tend to spend many of your hours in your home or school’s rec room playing ping-pong, than this may be the game for you.


    This internationally popular sport has become more and more popular in the United States in recent years, particularly on college campuses.  If you want to play a sport that is a twist on our beloved game of football, then you may want to try rugby.  Arguably, however, rugby is more intense in a few ways.  For example, and probably the most important, you do not wear any padding besides a simple helmet.

    Ultimate Frisbee

    This sport has become synonymous with college culture.  The first widely recognized Ultimate Frisbee league was created in 1969 in the parking lot of a college campus.  Ultimate Frisbee combines some rules of soccer, football, and even basketball to make for an entertaining and engaging sport.  What’s more is that this is a no-contact sport, which allows you to play more freely without the worry of a collision.


    Dodgeball is another sport that harkens back to the days of elementary school, and even high school.  However, dodgeball is a timeless sport.  If you are quick on your feet, and good at lobbing a ball at another player, this is your sport.


    Cornhole is the go-to game at parties, restaurants, and bars, and for good reason: it’s fun.  This sport is another preferred game for the less athletically-inclined, and yet it still takes a lot of skill.  For instance, the pitcher must stand behind a line that marks a thirty-foot line.  If you have yet to do an underhand toss that far, it may be worth a try.


    You can never go wrong with an American classic—softball.  Softball is an enjoyable sport that requires you to not only hit hard but run fast as well.  Of course, you will need the proper equipment, which is more than some other sports require.  Make sure you equip yourself with a regulation bat, padding, and softball gloves—the gear required can get a bit pricey, but there are ways to circumvent these high costs. Find gear online; you can buy baseball bats and softball gloves here for great prices—hitting the diamond shouldn’t mean draining your bank account.

    College is a time to make new friends and try new things.  Get involved in an intramural sport to make memories you will never forget.

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