What Are The Top Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Take To College?

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  • Starting a new year at college can be both an exciting and scary time, regardless of whether you are a freshman or senior.

    So, making sure that you have everything that you need for college will allow you to hit the ground running without having to worry about whether you are missing a certain piece of equipment that is essential for your courses.

    Read further on the top college moving stuff that you shouldn’t forget.

    Check the List That Your College Sent You

    Essential equipment for each course is going to be different, so make sure that your college has provided you with a list of essential equipment. This will normally include the necessary books that are needed to pass your course, and can also include more specialized equipment such a scientific calculator. Many colleges will also require certain types of stationary. Make sure that you have everything on this list so that you don’t have to rush out to buy everything when you arrive at college, which can be more expensive than if you purchased the items elsewhere.

    A Laptop

    While in certain courses, it may be possible to get away with using a library computer, most students will find it inconvenient, and many courses now actually require you to own your own machine. Some courses require specialized software, which may limit the type of computer that you can buy.

    For example, some courses require software that only runs on Windows, so you may not be able to use an Apple laptop. Be sure to check first to avoid spending lots of money on a machine that you won’t actually be able to use. A laptop can also be useful for taking notes and staying on top of a revision schedule, though some students prefer to take notes the old-fashioned way.

    A Backpack

    Getting the right backpack is often overlooked at college. Let’s face it, backpacks aren’t normally the most exciting purchase. However, at college you will often be carrying around heavy textbooks and sometimes expensive equipment. Whether it is the brand new laptop that you spent over $1000 or the horrendously overpriced textbook that would cost you a lot of money to replace if it became wet in a rain storm. The backpack help you carry and protect your expensive school items.

    Some popular brands that are good quality are Herschel, The North Face and JanSport. You can find a list of the best backpacks for college over at Backpack Reviewer.


    While stationary can be boring, it can make your life much easier at college. You should make sure that you have at least the following stationary:

    • Pens and Pencils –
      This may seem obvious, but you will be writing lots of notes in college so make sure that you have a pen that is comfortable. A good stationary shop will let you try a few pens before buying, or you can look at reviews on Amazon. While pencils may not seem as important as pens, you will need a pencil for multiple choice exams and they are also useful if you are studying a subject such as mathematics where you are required to show how you work an answer.
    • Highlighters –
      Highlighters are essential for marking important passages of text, whether in your textbooks, your notes, or when revising for exams. They are especially important if you are a visual learner as they draw your attention and help the information to stick in your memory.
    • A Notebook –
      Even if you are going to be using a laptop for taking most of your notes, a notebook is still important for things that just don’t work as well on laptops such as diagrams and mind-maps.
    • A Planner –
      A paper based planner can be extremely useful for everything from knowing when your next classes are, to planning which topics to revise and when you should revise them.

    A USB Flash Drive

    For many courses at college, there may be occasions where you have to use lab computers, rather than your own. In this case, a USB flash drive is very important so that you can transfer your work between machines. They are also very useful for backing up your work so that you don’t have to worry so much about the hard-drive in your own computer failing or accidentally deleting a file a few hours before a piece of work is due (this happened to me once, and no I did not have a backup).

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