A High School Grad’s Packing List Before Starting College

college packing list

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  • While your parents have no end of last minute advice and your relatives have probably been pawning off all sorts of things they’re totally sure you’ll definitely need, it’s time to get serious about what you should be bringing to college.

    Here are four things you’ll want to have ready the day you walk into your first dorm.

    Tool Kit

    household tool kit

    You don’t have to invest in a heavy duty toolbox, but getting a basic tool kit set up is a good way to save yourself a lot of grief, especially if you plan to buy some extra furniture to put together for your dorm.

    Even if you don’t end up using it your first year, chances are someone else on your floor will. It’s never a bad idea to be the “capable freshman” your first year of college, and if you’re lucky, people might thank you for your help with a free meal.


    Whether you’re studying close to home or far away, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some kind of transportation. If you’re an avid biker who’s afraid of losing your wheels to college bike thieves, consider investing in a secondhand bike for cheap.

    Alternatively, it might be a good idea to look for an affordable used car for sale. Having a car can cut down on your costs, especially if you need to travel further for groceries, and will give you a chance to visit home for the holidays without the hassle of buses, trains, or plane fares. Many job opportunities can open up when you have a car and so can your dating and social life.


    Personal space is at a premium in college dorms, so plan ahead on what you’ll need and pack the storage you’ll need to get it. If you think you’ll end up on a top bunk, consider investing in a bed shelf, which can help you keep necessary items like water bottles and phones close at hand.

    You can also pick up a shower caddy, to keep your room dry and your bath products orderly, and look into space-saving closet options like cascading hangers and over door hooks.

    other valuable tips:

    Medicine Kit

    Invincibility to the common college cold only lasts so long. Consider the last few sick days you’ve had, and make sure you’re going in prepared. Things like cough drops can save you from the wrath of your classmates during a long lecture, while band-aids might be a little less common but no less useful.

    medicine kit

    It’s not a bad idea to grab some antibacterial items, analgesics like ibuprofen and aspirin, and a thermometer, to prevent colds, handle pain, and check your condition before a doctor needs to. If your parents have tips for cold remedies, bring those too.

    This is going to be your next great adventure. Make sure you have everything you need to enjoy it before you take the leap.

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