Safety Tips for New College Students

college student safety tips

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  • After months of anticipation, you’re finally on the college campus and it’s a lot of fun.

    But be careful; it’s easy to gain a false sense of security when you’re surrounded by your peers.

    After all, they’ll all be honest students just like you, won’t they? Not always.

    It’s important to bear in mind that even when you’re in the college campus bubble, you don’t always know who you can trust. After all, people are up to no good everywhere, and your college is no exception. The threat of danger might not be the first thing on your mind as you excitedly move into your dorm room, but it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for any situation that could arise.

    Whether you’re heading to college as a freshman or returning for your next year, it’s important to keep these top safety tips in mind and make sure that you’re taking the right precautions to keep yourself and your belongings safe.

    Don’t Let Technology Distract You Too Much

    Everyone who likes to walk around listening to music from their headphones knows that once you are plugged in, you barely exist anymore.

    But if you find yourself staring at your phone and completely unaware of what’s going on around you, you could be putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

    There’s nothing wrong with listening to music when you’re walking home, but make sure that it’s at the right volume to enjoy it without being distracted from everything else.

    You always need to be aware of the situations that you’re walking into; it’s key to getting out of potential danger.

    Keep Doors Locked

    It’s easy to become relaxed when you get into a routine at college, and if your friend likes to regularly invite themselves over to your flat or dorm room, you might end up keeping it open more than is necessary.

    Making sure that doors and windows are locked, especially when you’re not at home, on your own or during the night when you’re sleeping, should be a habit that’s always implemented.

    All it takes is a couple of minutes leaving your dorm room unattended and unlocked for a thief to get instant access to your valuables and make your college experience a nightmare.

    Take Cybersecurity Seriously

    Cybercrime can happen to anybody and when you’re a cash-strapped student, the last thing you want is somebody to gain access to your online banking and transfer the rest of your money to themselves or set up a regular payment in your name.

    While it can often be rectified by calling your bank, it’s an extra headache you don’t need on top of exams and assignments. Or worse, somebody could get access to your personal data, assume your identity and commit a crime in your name.

    You can never be too careful. Install tracking software on your devices, and keep communal computer use to a minimum to avoid keyloggers – software that tracks what you type and could potentially access your passwords and other sensitive login information. And keep your eye out for phishing emails; don’t send any sensitive information requested in an email without first verifying it.

    Be Careful When Dating Online

    Online dating is a good way to meet potential new suitors on campus without having to wait until you bump into Mr. or Ms. Right at the student bar, but it can also come with risks. Just because somebody says that they are a student at your college on your online dating profile, doesn’t mean that it’s the truth!

    Online dating safety should be taken seriously when on campus; don’t give out too much personal information until you’ve had the chance to speak to someone for a while, get to know them and learn more about them. Always tell your roommate or another friend if you’re about to head out on a date with somebody you met online; let them know where you’re going and how long you expect to be.

    other valuable tips:

    If you want to be extra safe, you can conduct an online background check on your match using Public Records Reviews. This site allows you to find websites where you can access information like arrest and court records and could potentially save your life when meeting up with strangers you’ve met online. If they’ve been arrested for crimes in the past, you can find this information at

    Know Where the Emergency Areas Are

    Finally, most campuses will have emergency phones or call buttons located at various places throughout the campus for students to use in the event of an emergency. Get to know your campus emergency system and learn where the buttons or phones are placed.

    That way, if you ever do find yourself in trouble, you know exactly where you need to be in order to call for help. And, it’s a good idea to add the campus security number to your cell phone contacts, so you can easily get in touch wherever you are.

    Going to college can be huge fun, but be aware of the potential risks and dangers.

    Image Credit: college student safety tips by Pixabay

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