Basic Rights for Young College Students – What You Need to Know

basic rights college students

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  • Most students don’t know their own rights, which is why they make easier targets for predatory groups and individuals.

    There are many different kinds of rights that students (and all people) have.

    However, there are two categories that are especially relevant to young students: automobiles and housing.

    Student Rights in an Auto Accident

    If you’re accused of hitting someone else’s car, keep these 5 tips in mind:

    1. Don’t assume responsibility. If the police are called, they will make the determination. If police aren’t called, the insurance company will decide.
    2. Collect evidence. This is especially important if you’re in a parking lot since police often don’t respond to these types of accidents. Take pictures of the scene and gather camera footage from the surrounding businesses. Be sure to do this within 1-2 days of the accident as the footage from surrounding businesses likely won’t be kept longer than that.
    3. Your insurance company will need the following information from you: the driver’s name, and the owner of said vehicle (in case they aren’t the same). They will need information about the car as well including the make of the car, model, license plate number, and car insurance info (carrier, claims phone #, policy #).
    4. Don’t feel pressured to give more info than you need to. Do not under any circumstances give the other party your driver’s license number or social security number as this could lead to identity theft.
    5. If you hit a car in the parking lot, try to find the owner of the car. Failing that, leave your information on a note on their car (your name, make and model of your car and your insurance information).

    Student Housing Rights

    All too often landlords take advantage of students (who are usually young people) lack of knowledge about tenancy rights.

    First of all, there are two types of rental procedures for housing in the US: there are the rights of private renters, and there are the rights of HMOs, which is a larger property housing 3 or more people who are unrelated. Most student housing will qualify as an HMO, which comes with extra procedures for landlords to follow.

    other valuable tips:

    What are your rights?

    There are many categories of rights that you have as a renter. These are some of the most critical ones, more information about each one can be found online.

    1. Fire safety and fire escape (different rules apply for HMOs)
    2. Your landlord must give you 24 hours notice before visiting the property.
    3. ll electrical and gas appliances must be safely installed and checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
    4. When it comes to pests, there’s no clear cut answer about who’s responsible for dealing with them. There are many factors to consider.
    5. When it comes to guests, the short answer is that most tenancy agreements don’t mention them specifically. However, one thing that is definitely not allowed is subletting, which means accepting money from a guest in exchange for temporarily letting them stay on the property.

    For more advice about the above, simmrinlawgroup would be able to assist you further.

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