6 Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money Online

make extra money online

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  • Teaching is a vocation and the school year is packed with activity and busyness.

    A lot of people think that teachers take the whole summer off to relax and have fun, but this is not always the case.

    Teachers can spend their summertime to make extra money online.

    From blogging to starting a YouTube channel, there are multiple ways a teacher can connect to a larger audience and enhance their teaching and communication skills at the same time.

    Let us take a look at the best ways for teachers to make extra money:

    1. Online Teaching

    More and more people are filling in gaps in their education online. People are learning languages, brushing up their math, and even getting to grips with topics as diverse as business management, politics and Egyptology.

    If any particular subject is your private passion, you can make money by sharing your wealth of knowledge with those who are interested enough in the subject to want to take lessons about it in their own time.

    You can also help exam boards with their marking (often they have high requirements for their markers, with the entire pool needing to be experienced teachers), or you could be a more informal tutor, providing feedback on essays and offering one-to-one tuition to students who want to get ahead of the crowd.

    2. Blogging

    People are fascinated by inside looks at parts of the world that they normally would not experience. For example, anecdotes about goings-on in the staff room are enthralling to students for whom the room is usually off-limits.

    Any teacher who has been in the game for a while will have their favorite moments, their saddest stories and the funniest things that the children have said: why not organize these into a weekly blog and monetize the site? This way, you will get to vent about your job, inspire students and earn some pennies on the side.

    3. Freelance writing

    There are a lot of content sites around at present. Website owners know they need fresh or evergreen content for their pages but not everyone can write fluently, hitting the mark of being both entertaining and readable. Teachers are used to expressing ideas in easily understandable sound bites and it should be a relatively simple matter to change from speaking these ideas to expressing them on the page.

    laptop computersblogging camera

    Freelance writing pays moderately well, especially once you have established yourself and gained some regular clients, and you will be able to eke out your income quite nicely in this way.

    4. Publish a book

    If you run a blog and do some freelance writing, you may find yourself accumulating enough material to write a book – or even find that the regular habit of writing inspires you to write something quite different.

    See if you can produce a book-length piece of work and then see if you can get it published, either traditionally or go online, self-publishing route.

    5. YouTube Channel

    If you like to talk, or even perform for the camera: for example, teaching conversational English, teaching English idioms, or even English lit analyses can be made thrilling with appropriate visual aids – if you can talk about it for three to twenty minutes. You can even do a vlog. Monetize the account and wait for the pennies to roll in.

    As with freelance writing, it will start slow, but do persist with it. As more content is added, more advertising will be attracted and it will soon build into a small but useful income stream.

    other valuable tips:

    6. Holiday Tutoring

    This may not exactly be an online income, but it’s worth mentioning. It is possible for teachers to find both private and online English teaching jobs while traveling in other countries during summer breaks. If you can sign up to one of these jobs, you will be able to fund your travel, while you meet new people and immerse yourself in the culture of different countries as you go. This can be a great way if you want to take your time, exploring a region over the course of a month or two, before returning home before the school year starts up again.

    These are just a few ways that you can make extra money online as a teacher and abroad. Try out one or more and see which are the best fit before you commit yourself – and perhaps see if you can find other ways to boost your income while you make the most of your summer.

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