College Student Summer Storage Tips

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  • Whether you have already finished with your finals, or you are about to, summer brings its own challenges if you are a student studying away from your hometown.

    Moving from your dorm or apartment often means you’re not returning to the same spot, once you do come back, so you have to think about your stuff.

    Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to storing your things during the summer transitions. We hope you find some of these helpful when you start packing for your next trip.

    Sort everything out

    You have a special bond with a lot of your stuff, and that’s completely understandable, but as you’ve probably learned so far – dorm rooms are not the biggest of places. Also, moving to an apartment after living in a dorm room can also mean you won’t need quite a number of your old things.

    Go through your things before you start packing and see what can really be used again, and what things became completely useless for you. For example – if you had a mini fridge in the dorm, you might not be needing it when you move into a flat when you return. Sell it online, or give it to someone who needs it more. Throw away those papers you won’t be using anymore, and finally, sort your clothes. This will make it way easier for you to pack once you really start to prepare for the move.

    Find the right storage facility

    Search for the storage facilities in the vicinity of your dorm or part of town you will return to, once you come back. Look if they help with loading and unloading, and see what kind of deals they provide.

    Driving all those boxes and trash bags filled with your things across the country may be more of a pain in the ass than adventure-like, so it is always a better solution to store your things somewhere. You can always split a unit with a friend or a fellow student, in order to minimize the expenses, and this way – you can get extra space for storage.

    Choose the appropriate unit size

    Depending on how much stuff you have, you have to find the right unit size. If you don’t need the biggest one, it doesn’t make sense to rent it. Ask your friends to help you pack and organize everything, preferably in boxes for better storing. This will help you assess how much space you actually need. Most recommended sizes for students on summer breaks are 5 by 5 or 5 by 10 units, as it can hold practically the entire dorm room within.

    Get the best possible deal

    Once you are packed and know what type of unit you need, and will you share it with someone or use it by yourself, you need to start researching and looking for all the small letters indicating which offers are the best.

    A lot of great services provide supercheap storage solutions with great student discounts for summer breaks. Knowing that you probably won’t be needing the storage unit longer than 2 or 3 months, gives you space to calculate the best possible solution for storing your things.

    Learn some general tricks

    Start learning some general tips and tricks when it comes to packing and organizing. Learn to stack boxes safely, and get all the needed material beforehand, as it may be more difficult to acquire all you need once you already have to move out from your dorm room.

    Always pack things in boxes, and label everything. Keep in mind that you’re paying for practically every inch of the rented space so you need to find the best way to arrange your stuff in there. Don’t store aromatic candles and things that may go bad, and avoid storing flammable items, and always follow the rules of the facility to avoid potentially serious problems in the future.

    Wrap up

    So, even though it may seem like it can be hard to set off for the summer breaks, with so many things to keep in mind, with some careful planning and good research you can start your summer with no worries. We hope these tips will give you the general direction you need to follow when it comes to storing your stuff for the summer.

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