Degree Change: How to Start on a Different Career Path in Your College Years

degree change

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  • No one starts at a college intending to switch majors.

    You may find your field of study no longer suits you. Or, during an internship, you realize you do not have the skills to match your career choice.

    You need to start working on your plan as soon as you change your major.

    Meet with an advisor to help you make the right decisions. The skills you have should match the job for which you are applying. Plus, you will need to have the experience to add to your resume.

    Put Your Plan into Action When You Change Your Major

    Adapt to your choices right away as soon as you switch career path. There is no need to panic because you are not alone. Several people have changed majors while in college. Put together a list of what you expect to gain from changing your major. You can start by asking questions.

    Will You Get a Job Faster after You Graduate?

    Depending on your area of study, specific jobs are easier to find after you graduate. An excellent example in the healthcare field would be nursing. Studies show there will be a severe shortage of nurses by the year 2030.

    • Will the Salary Offer Cover Living Expenses?

      When you find a job, you want to avoid living paycheck-to-paycheck.

    • Will You Be Happy with This New Career Path?

      Your work should bring you joy if you have chosen the right profession

    • Will There Be Opportunities for Advancement in This Line of Work?

      Most people are not happy working dead-end jobs, so always ask if opportunities exist for promotions.

    • Am I Prepared to Work Extra Hours If Asked?

      Depending on your choices, you may have to put in extra hours. If you are not ready to work more than twelve hours per day, you may want to rethink your options.

    Preparation is critical when you make a career change. You do not want to graduate and realize you have made a colossal mistake.

    Meet with an Advisor

    You will need guidance from someone with experience. Your counselor will help you choose the right courses. You may need to include a prerequisite if your path involves further education. Ask your advisor to aid you in preparing a detailed plan. It will consist of helpful tips such as internships, networking events, and workshops. The advisor will help you plan for classes for an entire year.

    Skills You Can Transfer

    If you have to create a resume after you graduate, prepare one that will match your skills. Use the skills you have and make them work for the job you are applying. You may have assisted a physical therapist while interning. Skills you can use include listening well, strong communication, and critical thinking. Those same skills will work if you are a counselor or an advisor.

    You Need the Experience

    Your resume lists your course of study while in college, but most of it showcases your experience. One way to gain experience is to intern within your major. Ask a faculty member to help you find the right internship. Colleges get offers for on-the-job training from several businesses. For example, if you have switched your field of mechanical engineering, work with a mechanic. Any hands-on experience will improve the content of your resume.


    Switching careers while in college happens more often than you think. What you do after changing your mind counts the most. Make sure you check what other people are saying about the major in your particular school such as on a platform like Independence University reviews.  Plan your move as soon as you have changed your major.

    One question you can ask yourself is will you find a job faster upon graduation? Meet with an advisor to figure out what courses you will need to take. See if the skills you have will match your new career path. Plus, you will need the work experience to include on your resume. You can get the experience from interning.

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