Stable Foundation: How Your Kids Can Start Their Education on the Right Foot

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  • Nearly all parents dream of their child receiving a good, solid education.

    Whether they’re enrolled in a public, private, charter, or online school, children that start their education off on the right foot will have a good foundation that will last for many years to come.

    As your child begins the early schooling years, here are several ways you can help build up that good foundation.

    Establish a Schedule

    Establishing a routine can be especially challenging, particularly for children that have spent the summer months sleeping in. But it’s important to set up—and stick to—a regular routine from the onset of a new school year, or perhaps even a week or two before the school year begins. Make sure your child gets up and goes to bed at the same time each day. And when they arrive home from school each afternoon, have them do homework in the same locations—whether it’s a corner desk, a separate study room, or the dining room table. The study area should always be equipped with the necessary supplies your child may need, such as extra paper, pencils, or calculators or pencils.

    Develop Good Study Habits

    Although numerous studies have been done suggesting the best or most effective ways of how to study, only you and your child know what’s truly best for them. If your child seems to have difficulty sitting for extended periods of time, allow them to study in shorter sessions. If memory recall poses a challenge, help your child take practice tests or quizzes to prepare them for the real thing well ahead of time. Always encourage daily study time, which will help reduce the need for last-minute studying before exams. Developing and maintaining a good organizational system can help your child improve study habits, as well. Reducing clutter around study areas or in your child’s backpack can help keep track of assignments can provide an organized place for him or her to work.

    Develop Good Habits

    While they may be overlooked, there are many physical habits that your child can develop to help establish that solid foundation and improve their overall function in school. Your child should be getting regular exercise—at least an hour per day—and establishing healthy eating habits, such as eating breakfast every morning and incorporating a good balance of fruits and vegetables into their diet. Children are especially active during the day, so remember that they also need adequate sleep at night. On average, children ages 7 to 12 need between 10 to 11 hours of sleep, while older kids aging from 12 to 18 need approximately 8 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

    Online Public School

    This is another option that is becoming more popular in the last few years. These habits should be applied even if your child is working through an Alabama online school program from home. Ensuring that they maintain organization and keep a consistent work area is just as important for children that attend traditional school, as there may be the constant temptation to become lax in a home-based setting. Although curriculum delivery may be drastically different online than in a classroom, it’s still important for your child to stick to a work schedule and develop effective study habits. And of course, proper nutrition and exercise are important for online public school students too.

    Stay Involved

    Children benefit greatly when parents stay involved throughout the course of their education. As a parent, you should become familiar with the curriculum they’ll be using each year—even if it involves meeting with one or two teachers. If possible, get involved in school activities, such as cafeteria work or volunteering to chaperone field trips. And of course, be sure to communicate with your child on a daily basis about things that are going on, or to discuss any problems or challenges he or she may be experiencing.

    Your child’s education is a long-term investment for both you, the parent, as well as your child. Strategies that are adopted early on can help ensure that your child will develop a good, solid foundation that will influence them throughout their educational years.

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      Numerous studies have been done suggesting the best or most effective ways of how to study, only you and your child know what’s truly best for them. JN0-361 exam questions

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