Degrees You Didn’t Know You Could Study Online

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  • With many businesses embracing remote working, it makes sense that the education sector would follow the trend and move online, too.

    While many people argue that studying online is no replacement for the authentic college experience, this mode of learning does have its advantages.

    Earning a degree in your own time means you can be flexible about when and how you further your education. Being able to study in the evenings and on weekends will allow you to take care of your existing work and home responsibilities without sacrificing your education.

    Despite the benefits of earning a degree online, many students don’t believe that an online course would cover their specialism. To put that theory to bed, here are five online degrees you didn’t know existed.

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Human Resources

    You can study an online human resources degree through numerous institutions, including faith-based universities like Oakland City. At Oakland City University, you can gain both practical and theoretical practice of the discipline through an online course. A typical program of studies spans about 120 hours over five to eight weeks, so you can accelerate your learning if you wish. The benefit of studying this way means you’ll be qualified to enter the HR work field in a matter of months, plus you can complete the work in your own time.

    Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology

    You may not be familiar with the role of a medical technologist, but they perform vital functions for hospitals, medical clinics and laboratories all around the world. As such, a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology could lead you down the career path of forensic technology and onto a lucrative and fulfilling career. Understandably, this discipline requires hands-on experience; so online degree programs have to arrange internships alongside coursework to tick the necessary boxes.

    Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

    If you’re interested in the field of law enforcement and crime prevention, you’ll find there are several degree programs in the area of criminal justice that you can complete online. You can choose a specialism, such as criminal psychology, to major in, and they you’ll soon be well on the way to becoming qualified in this field.

    Postgraduate Degrees

    Despite what most people believe, it isn’t only undergraduate degrees that can be obtained online. Choosing to complete your MA or MBA online means you’ll be able to work alongside your studies, taking steps to enhance your career for long-term success. So, rather than going to grad college for two years, why not consider whether or not you could gain your qualification from home instead?


    There are a whole host of reasons why an online degree might be the right choice for you, especially if other commitments are getting in the way of your education. Rather than resigning yourself to your current career field and not pursuing your dreams, enroll in an online course, and your resume will reap the benefits.

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