University Life: 4 Things Every College Freshman Should Experience

university life

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  • Far more than just being a place to learn, a college or university is a setting in which people make new friends and have new and exciting life experiences.

    If you go through your college years without fully embracing the college experience, you’re missing out.

    Here are four things every college freshman should try to do to get the most out of his or her time in school.

    Go to a Dance or Formal

    In most colleges, student organizations will put together a great number of events throughout the year. At least some of these will be dances, mixers and formals, which every college freshman should try to attend at least one of. Even if you’re a bit shy, these events are great places to meet new people and have some fun while putting yourself into new and challenging social situations.

    If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, such events are also great activities to attend as a couple. Since these events generally aren’t organized directly by the university, you’ll probably have to ask various student organizations about when and where they’ll be held. If your school has a general student social media page, it can also be useful in finding out about this type of event.

    Get a Campus Job

    Though you’re in school to improve your future career opportunities, you can also gain some work experience while you learn. Most colleges offer campus jobs that students can use to make extra money. Campus jobs not only let you make a bit of spending money that you can use to go out and enjoy yourself with friends, but also afford you the opportunity to meet new people.

    As a practical bonus, a campus job will look good on your resume when you start applying for your first real job in your chosen career field, as it shows both experience working with others and a strong work ethic.

    Attend a College Football Game

    One of the most prominent aspects of college life is the hype and fun that surrounds sporting events. Even if you aren’t much of a sports fan, you should try to attend at least one football game during your freshman year. Football games are usually held outdoors in the autumn, when the weather is apt to be pleasantly cool, making them a great way to spend some quality time out of your dorm.

    To top off the experience, try to get a picture with your college football team’s mascot, whether it be a dragon mascot or that of a wolverine! A picture of yourself and your friends with someone in a mascot costume may seem a little silly now, but it’s something you’ll be able to look back on years from now as a nostalgic reminder of your days at college.

    Join at Least One Club

    One of the most common things for students to miss out on during their time at school is involvement in student clubs and organizations. In large part, this is due to the already busy schedules that most college students keep. If at all possible, however, you should try to find the time to participate in at least one organization. Try to find a club that is centered around an activity you’re passionate about. If there’s an organization that appeals to you, don’t hesitate to join. Doing so will expose you to new people and give you a chance to enjoy yourself and take a break from your studies.

    College life offers practically endless new experiences and opportunities to students. To take full advantage of it, however, you have to actively seek them out and embrace them. Try to squeeze these four activities into your freshman year, and you’ll soon realize that there’s a lot more to college than classes and all-night study sessions.

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