Have a Dental Emergency Away from Home? Here’s What to Do

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  • What happens when you are away from home on study abroad or in your first week of college?

    You might not plan to have a dental emergency while you are away from your hometown dentist, but it can definitely happen.

    There are various reasons for having a dental emergency, including a toothache from an infection or falling while walking on a slippery sidewalk, leading to tooth damage.

    Here are some of the best tips for this issue from dental professionals.

    Don’t Panic When the Problem Occurs

    First, don’t panic when this problem occurs because that will make the situation worse. If you have a broken or a dislocated tooth, then save the tooth chip or the entire tooth. Protect your mouth with a gauze pad to absorb the blood, and also, look for help from others. When you are staying overnight in a hotel, contact the desk receptionist for help because the business may keep a list of dental health professionals in the region.

    Contact Your Dentist

    Contact your dentist’s office to ask for help because the receptionist might have a way to find another dentist in the area where you are staying. With this method, your regular dentist can send your dental health information and copies of your X-rays to the new dentist, making it faster and easier to have treatment for your dental emergency.

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    Call the Local Hospital’s Emergency Department

    Call the local hospital’s emergency department to find a same day dental office where you are traveling. This is the best way to have emergency treatment for a dental health issue. You won’t want to delay treatment when you have a dental problem because the situation will get worse, and also, immediate surgery is required for many types of dental emergencies. Have paper and a pen ready to write down the information that is provided by the hospital.

    Talk to Your Dental Insurance Company’s Representative

    While traveling, make sure to bring along your dental insurance company’s card so that you can talk to a representative when an emergency occurs. The representative may have a list of local dentists who can help you, and you can also learn if you have the coverage required for an emergency procedure. This representative can also contact your current dentist to help with the process of transferring your information to a new dental office.

    other valuable tips:

    Dental Aftercare

    You may need to return home during the healing process, but when the emergency dentist and your regular dentist can communicate with each other, it is possible for you to receive the proper dental care that you need during the recovery process.

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