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how students can build their self esteem

How Students Can Build Their Self-Esteem and Confidence

School tests people in various ways. Work on increasing your confidence if you find it difficult to speak openly or are reluctant to try new activities. If you have struggled with this, keep reading for a list of excellent tips on how students can build their self-esteem and confidence. Accept Mistakes Don’t let mistakes get […]

good energy-boosters for students

Good Energy-Boosters for Students

Whether they’re studying for quizzes, doing homework, or sitting in class, students need the right amount of energy to get through the day. For this reason, it’s not rare for students to turn to energy drinks to boost their focus. However, there are much healthier ways to do this. To help you boost your focus […]

mental illness and stress

How College Students Can Cope with Mental Illness and Stress

College students have always struggled with mental stress and anxiety. Graduating from high school, usually in a family-based setting, and transitioning to a college program, even if still living at home, requires major adjustments. Some students are not ready at first for the pressures of college and earning top grades to ensure a good job […]

keep your sanity in college

How to Not Lose Your Mind Working Through College

As a busy and hard-working college student, you’re likely feeling a lot of pressure. It’s challenging going to class, making time for friends, and keeping a job. At times, you might barely get to class on time, let alone finish tying your shoelaces. You’re probably doing everything you can to excel in your studies. After […]

effects of smoking

The Lifelong Effects of Smoking All Young Adults Should Know

According to the CDC, nearly 20 percent of people admitted to trying cigarettes before the age of 18. This trend is very disturbing and must decrease. Perhaps, if we discuss the lifelong effects of smoking, young people will think twice about lighting up. The Lungs Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that can cause irreparable damage to […]

manage your asthma

5 Ways To Manage Your Asthma While at College

When you suffer from asthma, you need to have control over your environment so that you can limit your exposure to allergens. But if you’re a college student living in the dorms, unfortunately, this level of management is never fully attainable. Student housing is often a breeding ground for germs and allergens, making it very […]

ways to stop a cold

Student Health: 4 Ways To Stop a Cold Before It Starts

As a college student, there are a lot of things that keep you busy—and all of them require you to be at your best. Whether it be classes, homework, exams, or your extracurricular activities, maintaining your physical and mental well-being is the key to lasting success. However, with a hectic lifestyle such as this, it’s […]

college fad diets

Dangers of Falling Into Fad Diets in College

University students and weight gain stereotypes have gone together for quite a long time. In the U.S., many new students struggle with the “Freshman 15,” a label describing how easy it is to put on extra weight in school when you’re surrounded by food constantly. Gaining weight in college can also be a problem due […]