3 Design Careers for Creative Students

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  • Creative careers can come in many different forms, perhaps more than you might realize.

    The essence of creativity in the workforce is the ability to perform the generation, development, and expression of original and unique ideas; this skill is a boon that you can apply to just about any industry.

    Artistic careers, among other creative occupations, are made up of an enormous range of varied activities, from illustrating and drawing to composing, performing, and writing. Those who design buildings, develop apps, direct marketing campaigns, and edit films must also possess creative abilities. The range of potential careers for creative people is far broader than you may expect.

    Fashion Designer

    This field is rife with opportunity for those artists who have a passion for style as well as for transcending convention. To enter into this industry you should be creative and chic, drawing on unique ideas from the vast span of imagination. Fashion designers are known for creating art while concurrently maintaining a visionary perspective.

    They apply the principals of art and design to apparel and clothing or accessories in ways that combine to make clothing both fully functional and aesthetically beautiful.

    They typically start with the research of consumer tastes as well as trends in the market for fashion. Then they draw and submit an initial concept. This is sketched or fabric placed on a mannequin to get the sense of what the finished product will look like.

    Graphic Designer

    Look at websites, flyers, billboards, brochures, and finally product packaging to get a glimpse into a graphic designer’s world and skill sets. They are all works of art produced by graphic designers. These artists are experts in using visual media for the communication of specific ideas or messages.

    Many work for advertising agencies, web development companies, or public relations firms, but others are independent freelancers. As a graphic designer you may work at a publisher designing the cover of a fantasy book, the interior of a magazine, or making paper crafts, planners and banners people use at work or to celebrate a holiday. Everything you buy was made and designed by someone. You get to be a keeper of good taste. It’s fun to see your work in stores and online.

    Industrial Designer

    This is the career for people who are skilled at coming up with creative solutions to problems. They use science in addition to creativity to aid them in the creation of meaningful products. This career involves creating products’ initial designs, and because of this, industrial designers must have a full understanding of their consumers and the ways in which the product will eventually be used.

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    They produce initial sketches of various concepts for clients and adjust the designs according to feedback until the client finds satisfaction in them. Industrial designers are needed in a plenitude of industries, such as medical device, automobile, appliances, and children’s toys.

    Any product you use from a hospital’s heart rate monitor to a blender had someone employ someone for industrial design services. These expert designers and manufactured help engineer your design and make it a reality. Think of how the product is made, assembled, and packaged. You get to see your designs in real homes and used by people daily.

    Whether you are an interior designer or a graphic designer, a fashion designer or an industrial designer, the basic theme that runs through all these careers is creativity. The use of the imagination when put to practical purposes has an application in a wide gamut of fields.

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