4 Different Resources to Help Students Get around Campus Quickly

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  • If you’re the parent of a college student or a soon-to-be college student, you might want to begin thinking about ways to help your child travel quickly and safely around their college campus.

    Below, you will find some of the most popular methods to travel across campus that are still being used today.

    Ride a Bicycle

    College campuses tend to have very wide and expansive sidewalks which connect every building, dormitory, and exit in an elaborate spider’s web of paths. To help you cover more ground in a shorter amount of time, invest in a bicycle. Not only are bicycles human-powered, which makes them great for the environment, but they’re also compact and can be carried back up to your dormitory room. Many college campuses expect students to bicycle to class, so they’ve installed bicycle racks on the outside of every building.

    Strap on Some Blades

    Although bicycles are a favorite mode of college campus transportation among students, there are many praises that can be sung for a stylish pair of rollerblades or roller skates. More compact than a bicycle, rollerblades and roller skates can be transported and stored more easily than a bicycle. They’re also a mode of campus transportation that require less space on shared sidewalks so you’re not shoving other students into the grass.

    Travel into the Future

    Already an insanely popular mode of transportation for children and teenagers in the current generation, there’s no reason why college students can’t benefit from the use of a hover board. Take a trip into the future with this stunning piece of engineering. A hover board is essentially a segway and a skateboard combined. Utilizing the way you lean on your feet, a hover board will accelerate, slow down, stop, or turn based on how you stand on it.

    Ride with Convenience

    Some college campuses are vast and span several city blocks. While it is entirely plausible to ride your bicycle or use your hover board to travel across an uncommonly large campus, it isn’t very efficient in time or energy. For larger class commutes, it would probably be best to purchase a new car from a car dealership. A car boasts many uses including acting as your traveling study room or napping area on busy days.

    While your child is traveling around campus, they should consider downloading an app that will help them to navigate their new campus. Not only do these apps map the outside campus but they also map inside the buildings to help your child to find their classroom.

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