Tips to Move into the Dorms without Taking Forever

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  • Heading off to university at the start of the school year is filled with fun, new experiences, and a dose of worry, too.

    You’ll probably be excited to meet your roommates, see the campus again, and live on your own for the first time.

    Moving into a new dorm room is stressful enough without it taking all day long. For students and their parents who want to get the moving process over with as quickly as possible, these tips can help keep you on schedule and allow more time for exploration rather than digging through boxes.

    Know the Where, When, What, and How

    The most important thing to keep in mind is that the university usually has move-in schedules and specific rules about where to park, what students can bring, and how items can be transported more easily. Some may provide dollies or carts for the heaviest luggage but do not count on it. Follow the rules to avoid time-wasting traffic jams and security issues. You can also save a lot of time and avoid back-to-school traffic and accidents by heading over a day early. Check with your dorm manager to see if they have any tips for moving in and the best way to get furniture in without using up all the elevator or stairwell space.

    Pack Intelligently at Home

    Most time is wasted with unpacking in the dorm room. Put all necessary items in easy-to-carry storage bins. Use containers that can double as in-room storage for the whole year. For example, pack folded linens in a laundry bag, or cool-weather clothes in an under-bed bin. Keep extra boxes or bins in storage or garage areas or see if your parents don’t mind taking some home.

    Get Just Enough Help

    Parents frequently want to see their kids off on the first day, but if they are not suited for lugging heavy boxes or bags, they can wait on a bench in the quad while the student’s football buddy uses his muscles. With so many people around, carrying items and storing them right away cuts out a large amount of time. Fewer trips from car to dorm room makes sense and having less people clogging up a small dorm room will be helpful in the unpacking process.

    Save Some for Later

    Save time and energy by packing only the essentials in the car for move-in day. In temperate climates, this might mean bringing a sweater or fleece jacket, but not the snow boots and gear needed later in other semesters. Wait a few weeks or months and then ship these and other items you don’t need right away. Fall breaks and Christmas breaks are great times to go home and stock up on supplies you missed or found out you needed. You can also pack up any unnecessary items that you ended up not using and leave them at home.

    With the right knowledge from the start, excellent light packing skills, and sufficient help to carry luggage, moving day at the university dorms does not have to take hours or cause headaches. During this exciting (and frequently stressful) time, it is better to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

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