4 Easy Ways College Students Can Soup Up Their Cars

ways college students can soup up their cars

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  • As a college student, your car is an extension of your personality.

    Not only have you put the time into finding the right car to fit your needs, but you also have the ability to set it up to be exactly how you like.

    Whether you’ve got a hand-me-down from your family or just bought a brand new model, these four updates will make your car stand out in the student parking lot. Detail the exterior, darken the windows, upgrade the stereo system, and install a camera for security.

    Detail the Exterior

    There is some truth to the saying that a little elbow grease goes a long way toward fixing things up. If your car looks less than new, then it may need a little more than a general run through the car wash.

    Pull out your car care gear, and give the wheels and trim a complete scrub down. As you wash, look for small chips in the paint that you can cover with a matching color.

    Once you’ve got the car gleaming, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not anything like the wheels need to be replaced.

    Darken the Windows

    After your car is shining from the wash, you’ll have the chance to check out how the windows look. If they’ve never been tinted, then it is high time.

    Car window tinting creates contrast that enhances just about every possible car paint color. Dark windows on a black car look sleek.

    On a bright red or blue car, they make it look like you are heading to the speedway. You’ll also enjoy the sheer convenience of not having the sun glaring down on your face as you drive.

    Upgrade the Stereo System

    Music is a huge part of college life, and you’ve likely created more than a few awesome playlists for every occasion. Now, let everybody see that your good taste in music extends to making sure it sounds right.

    Most cars come with a stock stereo system that is practically out-of-date from the time you drive off the lot. If you’ve got a used car, then this upgrade makes it feel brand new again.

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    Install a Camera System

    Having a cool car comes with one minor drawback. People tend to be drawn to them. With a camera system, you can make sure to protect your car from thieves.

    You’ll also find that being able to document what caused an accident can help you recover the cost of the repairs in the future. Cameras also make it clear that you care about your car, which adds to the overall effect of your improvements.

    When you think about how much time you spend in your car, it just makes sense to make it look as amazing as possible. Souping up your car is worth the effort, and the right touches can increase its value. Once you’ve added your own personal touches, you’ll look forward to getting in the driver’s seat.

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