4 Fast Meals for College Students with Busy Schedules

fast college meals

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  • Being a college student often means limited time and funds when it comes to preparing food.

    Fortunately, meals with few ingredients can be healthy, easy to prepare, and cost effective.

    Below are four examples for busy students.

    Classic Dinner

    Everyone has occasions when they crave the comfort of a familiar meal. Grilled cheese with a bowl of tomato soup is perfect for these times. Only basic equipment is required: a stove, a skillet, and a pan. The ingredients are readily available. One only needs bread, cheese, butter, and a can of tomato soup. Preparation takes ten minutes, which is perfect for a college student on the go. First, melt butter in a skillet and layer cheese between slices of bread. Once the butter sizzles, place the assembled sandwich in the skillet and cook for two minutes before flipping. Cook the other side until the cheese melts. While the grilled cheese cooks, heat the soup in the pot, and serve the two together.

    Quick Casserole

    Casseroles are delicious dishes, but they can be complicated to prepare. Not so with this simple sausage and rice casserole. It includes three ingredients: a box of wild rice, a tube of sausage, and cream of mushroom soup. In order to prepare this meal, one requires a casserole dish and an oven. First, prepare the sausage and rice as directed on the packaging. This takes fifteen minutes. Then, combine these two ingredients with the mushroom soup in a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.


    Sandwiches may seem like an obvious entry, but they can get monotonous for a student. A solution to this problem is to branch out when it comes to ingredients. Some companies, like Cibao Meat Products, know that one less common ingredient is chicken salami. Chicken salami tastes much like its pork-based cousin, but it is healthier. It is wonderful on toasted rye bread with mustard, pickles, Swiss cheese, and lettuce.

    Twisted Ramen

    Packaged ramen is a classic college dish, but it can also be remade into a variety of meals. One such dish is ramen lo mein. Simply prepare the ramen noodles as directed. Once they are cooked, fry them in a skillet with the packaged seasoning, frozen vegetables, a splash of soy sauce, and a tablespoon of oil. It’s an easy twist on a beloved takeout Chinese meal.

    It doesn’t have to be hard and time consuming for a student to feed himself. These four meals are a foundation for any busy college student.

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